Steemit trending posts/ home page | Great Upgrade by Steemit team || Minor bugs

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I am really excited to see the new trending page of Steemit. Now, the home page/ landing page/ trending page of shows the major announcement and useful links. I feel this would be really helpful for everyone to get an update on what's new going on Steemit. Especially, this will help newly registered users to understand and go through any recent announcement and useful links.

Here is the screenshot with new additions to the home page/ landing page/ trending page


Identified bugs on this new trending page.


Bug #1

Useful link > Newcomers Guide: On click of the Newcomers Guide link, its taking it to below URL that is of It is I think Steemit development environment.

Current URL:

Correct URL:


Also, it's a huge page with a lot of comments and reply that is taking a lot of time to load this page. Sometimes this page doesnt load at all.

Bug #2

Useful link > TRX Integration: On click of TRX Integration link, It is also taking it to development instance.

Current URL:

Correct URL:

I am sure Steemit development team might be already aware of this and working on it and I think these features are in beta phase that will be fixed and released soon by Steemit team.

Overall, its a great upgrade along with new blog post feature rich Text Editor that I will be covering in detail in my next post.

Thank you!



Thank you for spotting these bugs. Now passed on to be fixed.

Thank you steemcurator01 and the Steemit team.

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