You could fit a boat through there!

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What have you been doing over the Christmas holidays? I've been driving around Europe listening to progressive house and drum and bass.


Have you ever seen so many sunflowers in England? Yep, I think the developers of Euro Truck Simulator 2 are from mainland Europe :)

Anyway, this bargain basement game is available on Steam (Not Steem!) for around $5 and has kept me occupied through illness over the festive period. When the person you want to see the most over Christmas has 'plans every day this week with mates', it's the ideal excuse for me to hermit and game.

I have made a personal promise not to consume any beer in January and so finding something else to do instead of nipping to the pub was important. My body hurts from yesterdays workout, but I'm also planning to do far more exercise - there could be a beach holiday come summer and this beer belly needs reducing.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Is mostly played with 4 keys and looks dated, as you can see. Basically, you pick up some cargo and deliver it safely somewhere else. It's so simple to play, but just like driving in real life, not paying attention is the main cause of scrapes, crashes, and fines.

The first screenshot I took :)

I've been fined probably 15 times so far for speeding, and around the same for hitting other vehicles. I've also rolled the truck once, and that wasn't anything to do with other traffic (First day on the job. All in all though, nothing too bad, and certainly not as bad as the scenarios below.....

Occasionally, there will be some lights or cones and then a police car or fire engine parked across the motorway close to the junction off. This indicates that shit has gone down ahead and the junction should not be used. I found this out by going around the car and taking the exit, not realising that on joining the new road that it would be blocked due to an accident.


You could fit a truck through there

So the above is what I met after avoiding the 'warning' (Just block the road?) that the motorway would be closed. Maybe though, they wan't you to ignore the warning and come and have a look? The gap on the right looked interesting, and so I made a drive for it (knocking a cone over too).


Already extinguished - I don't think the game had a kick-starter, and realistic flames cost money. I did think about passing the firemen to the left, but decided to be sensible and go around the right side of the toasted truck.

Going around the right side of the toasted truck

The driver is inside - and he's reading the fucking paper!

Maybe he's not reading the paper, and looking at his insurance coverage. Anyway, at this point I realised (honest) what I was carrying. I tend not to look at the load and just the $$$$, and so I was quite surprised to see what looked like a.....


No wonder they are paying me $10,000 to go 150 km.


Another shocking parking job, but a successful delivery. And now I can buy some lights to go underneath the truck :D

We interrupt this RTA with a little weather.



Both rain and sunshine make it harder to drive but I tend to concentrate more when it's pissing down. I can't afford the sun visor yet but have found the wipers - 3 settings too!


This was another incident I passed earlier today and this one looked worse due to the presence airborne paramedics.

I was putting my make-up on

I was on the phone

She had her nails done yesterday, 3 might need re-doing

Looks like a low speed shunt, not impressed at all.

I'm not sure how popular this one would be to stream, but could be something to play whilst talking with your audience - at least there would be someone to blame if there was a crash.

Have a nice evening all!



lol, that sounds like the most boring game of all time. Is ther a plugin where I can play multiplayer with you and try to hunt you down and snipe you with a long rifle as you are driving?

Arguably, it is :)

lol @ multiplayer sniper. It needs a bit more umpf, although I could upgrade my engine...

I think this is a step up from Farming Simulator! At least the rigs go faster than a tractor...

Haha this game is hilarious. I once bought a game by mistake in China for Xbox. In the game you were a mosquito and the objective was to try to suck as much blood as possible from different people in different daily scenarios. Once you actually landed you had to continuously pump one button to suck out the blood.

These are the kinds of situations you can find yourself in when you stop drinking beer..

A mosquito biting simulator, whatever next?!

These are the kinds of situations you can find yourself in when you stop drinking beer..

There is no washing up, clothes to hang, and the house is clean - something strange is afoot.

Happy New Year dude!

Haha: something strange is a foot lol! Happy New Year!

For a second I thought you had been driving a big rig around Europe which would have elevated you to ninja-awesomeness...Then I realised it was a game and your aforementioned status fizzled back to just awesome.

15 fines? You must drive like me! :)

Hope you're feeling better. Now, eyes on the road bro!

It is a dream, and one which the P-man (not T-man) has been doing for much of the past year or two.

I'm getting better, safer, as a driver, but sometimes I cannot be arsed stopping at lights that are just changed. I'll take the fine and be there a minute quicker :)

Haha, who has to time to wait for traffic lights in this busy lifestyle of ours? Lol.

Not me, I just ran some more. 300 credits officer? virtual pocket money :)

You had me at "progressive house and Drum & Bass" 😜

That sounds like those cars in the game were probably zoned out after hearing those hypnotic beats coming from your truck haha

What else would you choose to drive too? Some of these trips are 20/30 mins doing little other than checking mirrors - I need beats!

Asher! Sorry to hear your ill over the holidays. Glad you found a nice way to sooth yourself. Happy New Year buddy ❤

I'm much better now but New Years was a washout. Nevermind, back to work on Monday! :D

Happy New Year to you too!

With the really bitter cold weather we have been having, I went back to Sid Meier games of Civ 5 and Civ 5 beyond earth. pretty hard remembering how to get a decent start, but when it is in the single digits or the minus digits like today, sitting inside and enjoying games is a good thing. Right now it is -3F, or -16C, Can't complain to much though, since until this point it has been a pretty warm winter for us.

Ahh, Civ :) Can't been blowing a day away on that one, only to be overrun by a tribe you didn't meet for 1000 years.

Still not been freezing here, that will come over the next month but I don't think we'll be as chilly as you.

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Lol, I always wondered what sort of crazy nutter would play these games... I guess you have to be delirious with sickness... I've been doing Wolfenstein and Disco Elysium!

All I can say is at least it isn't the Farming Simulator!

Wow! I didn't know there was a truck driving simulator.

When I had a car, I sold it about 4 years ago (I don't remember exactly). Obviously, there wasn't that much of a problem with fuel and economic situation. However, one of the things I always loved to do was to travel all over the country. Get on a road, play some good music and enjoy the ride. Oh! yeah! ;)

There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying the open road. One can travel at a lot of speed normally, but my little car could only go 120Km/h and sometimes 140Km/h if there were not many bumps or curves.

But one of the things that amazed me the most was the patience that the truckers had. Traveling with heavy loads at 20km/h or 40km/h must be torture. Driving to a place that normally takes 1 hour to do in 4 or more hours must be exhausting. I really admire those guys.

How long does it take you to get from one place to another in the simulator?

I would never stop to help someone in a traffic accident on a freeway and much less at night (I rarely drive at night, I don't like it). It is very dangerous here and many times you can even end up arrested (There are many stories on the roads). But the most interesting thing was that most of the people who did stop to help were truckers, I must assume that they did it when they were not carrying loads.

I have heard many stories where the first ones to help, really help, are the truckers. Today I don't know if they will still do the same, things have changed a lot here.

Another thing I've heard about truckers from other countries, well actually I've seen it in movies, is that they communicate by radio with others and form like a community. I don't think that happens here. But I'd like to know what you know about it.

Thanks for sharing, get well :)

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Please allow me to share with you link to our latest article, where we're explaining our economy and our goals. Your feedback and comment would be greatly appreaciated.

No way I would follow the traffic laws in that game. It be more like GTA5 if I was behind the wheel!

I been getting in some Path of Exile. My game backlog is starting to become a tower.

Back in the late 80's, early 90's, I used to play a flight simulator where you were a pilot of a commercial aircraft.

It was similar in that it was real time. If I was flying from Los Angeles to Hawai'i, it literally took 5+ hours. So, you'd master the take-off, then get up to altitude, then wait. Then you'd chill for hours - making slight changes to your heading/altitude depending on the winds and the weather. Then, after all that, you'd have to talk to air traffic control and land smoothly in all kinds of weather. It gave you an appreciation for the boredom that the pilots have to endure, while still paying enough attention to avoid incidents.

I think I might buy this ... it looks like it might interest me ... as long as I can have things going on my other screen. :-)