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Started up Eve Echoes yesterday, and I've been having a blast so far. It's basically a mobile version of Eve, stripped down just a little to make it more mobile friendly. But it's got that same depth. It's good stuff!


And this is even after selling off a bunch of Tritanium, Pyerite, and Mexallon. I probably should sell these, get a bigger ship, and go from there. But it's kinda fun to stock them up! I'm going the security route, ship combat and the like. The PvE is pretty simple, yet yields some good rewards in the process. I'm running this guy:


The Kestrel is a Caldari Frigate that gets a decent bonus to missile damage output. I'm probably gonna go for the T4 or higher Caldari Destroyer next. I'm liking the missile option, and I'm putting my SP into that for right now. @scooter1010 is doing mining, so the plan is to give him the resources I pick up, toss him ISK, and have him build ships and weapons for me. And when it comes time for him to go mine in low sec, I can run security for him while he goes out and mines.

That's the thought process, at least. Whether or not we go through with it remains to be seen. Regardless, I'm having fun RATing and flying around. It's worth checking out if you have a decent Android device!


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I have been wanting to check the game out since it was announced since way back when I tried to get into EVE as well but didn't end up doing it.

Would you say it is better to play it on your phone or on an android emulator on PC?

I'm playing on my phone. It's definitely meant for mobile devices. The interface is significantly simplified. I don't really play a ton of stuff on Bluestacks, so I couldn't tell ya. But playing on phone works really nicely.

I might have to try this out, was quite fond of eve but being the unsocial person i am, getting into the pvp/nullsec side of the game wasn't really possible so I became annoyed and gave up on it.