Pin-Bot on the NES!

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I ran across this game a while back, meant to talk about it, aaaand…I never did! So here we are. This is Pin-Bot on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I ran across this game at the local game store, it was $8, I had to find out just how bad or how awesome the game really is.


Click the image to watch the video on LBRY

This video is also up on Youtube. I'm using LBRY mainly as a safeguard against the COPPA absurdities. I know some of you prefer YouTube, so I might as well make use of that, too.

Also, I'm going to be streaming this game tonight on @vimm, Mixer, and Twitch! Stream should go live around 8:00PM Eastern, assuming Teddy goes to bed nicely for me. So you should totally tune in! Links, as always, are in the footer.

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