20191206 new Dota 2 era - the mainstream path

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Dota 2 recently made some big changes in the game (item drops, new hero outlanders are frag kill category, free wards, courier for all) and in my opinion they are delightfull!

bare with me I am gonna tell you why!

why delightfull? personally it has made the game feel a lot more like a game and not a mundane competitive farm and win game!

  1. item drops!
    1. by having item drops from neutral creeps it allows for some bonus items to spice things up!
    2. those items also are unique so if you get an item your team can use it to get the advantage.
    3. players in the jungle means the enemy can push, can do fights with less enemies so you have the dilemma, go to jungle and drop items and risk enemies dominating your foes? or you push and fight full team but you dont get to drop those unique items and if enemies jungle they might get those items and later be unstoppable?
  2. frag kill heros:
    1. having a hero that can easily kill you in a second is a great game feature! dont get me wrong I will explain:
    2. having frag kill heros allows the game to be more engaging, before that heros would get more powerfull with items and it made the game a farming game and the winner was one that farmed better.
      3.with frag kill heros though you need to play it smart! you need to have heros with disable and heros with damage, so you can disable the frag kill hero and then while disabled kill him! never before I felt more engaged to dota as in I have to think about how to just get to block an enemy hero before he even does a skill (ok ok this comes from a slark player, normaly I just use my first skill to avoid enemies silence-stun-anything, but with frag-kill outlanders that just will not cut it.)
  3. free wards!
    1. I love this, the game is not anymore you either gonna buy items or wards, now you can buy your items and anybody can get the wards to place. ok ok its bad if you think that that was a gameplay feature that some teams dont buy wards and its easier to beat them, but its a game it should not be this way! free wards is a nice thing boosting this game as an enjoyable game, people like to buy items but wards is just a battle between foes who will loose money to get a team item!
  4. courier for all!
    1. again something that was making foes battle all the time! not a feature a game should have, now with couriers for all you can focus on the damn goal without insulting or bad feelings!

mainstream? thats a good thing if done right! and I think its going in the right direction!

any Dota 2 players here? what do you think?


You have my Discord group upvote. I wish you a great day. 💕

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