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Welcome to the first competition organized by the Gaming Community.

In order to take part in the competition you need to write a review of your favorite game. It doesn't matter if it's a new production or an old one, what counts are the games you had fun and had a good time with.




    • 500 GG token / 2 SBI
    • 300 GG token / 1 SBI
    • 200 GG token

Results 21.12.2019 . The winners will be chosen with the help of

This contest follow the @contestkings methodology. So upvote, follow or resteem are not mandatory to join of my contests. But appreciated. Liquid funds from this competition post will be allocated to the following competitions.
Greetings and good luck .

@onelovedtube - Contact on Community Discord with @d00k13 or @grayoo or @graylan

@dtube - Video Site -
@steemhunt - Product Search & Review -
@dlike - Web Content Sharing -
@steemmonsters - Digital Card Game -

Special thanks for your support for everyone #dtubers , #steemians , #polish community , @dtube , @onelovedtube , curators #newsteem @ocd , @talentclub , @helpie , @curangel , @contestkings , @smartsteem , @bdcommunity , @qurator , @curie , @archdruid an other awesome people , without which this place wouldn't make any sense.

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