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RE: The Steemit Awards 2020 - The Winners

in WhereIN5 months ago

Hello Everyone:

First of all, I congratulate all the winners of the Steemit 2020 Awards Event with my sincere wishes ..

I would like to thank everyone who supported me in the Best Contributor to the Community category and prepared a nomination post. It makes me happy to be the 2nd winner of the Best Contributor to the Community category.

I am very happy that SteemFoods Community, which I have been working hard to develop since September and which I am the founder of, was selected as the 1st Winner in the Best Community Category. I will continue to contribute to the steem blockchain with my best performance.


Congratulation @alikoc07 and @steemitfoods, I am really proud of you!!

My best regards

Felicidades por el logro excelente comunidad @alikoc07

Gracias por su apoyo y mensaje de felicitación. :)