Tratando de hacer un Quesillo

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Hola familia de Wherein, Dios les Bendiga, hoy trate de hacer un quesillo para darlo en un compartir que íbamos a tener pero lamentablemente no me salió bien estaba muy aguado y no quiso compactar, lo deje cocinar un poco más hasta que pudo compactar un poco, así lo deje no le tome fotos porque era muy tarde y no me dio tiempo pero lo importante es que pude cumplir con lo prometido.

Hello family from Wherein, God Bless you, today I tried to make a cheese to give it in a share that we were going to have but unfortunately it did not work out well it was very watery and did not want to compact, I let it cook a little more until it was able to compact a little Well, I did not take pictures because it was too late and I did not have time but the important thing is that I was able to fulfill what I promised.

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