Your 1st position is absolutely’re doing a great work for the community
Thanks a lot for this!👏👏🤗

Thank you! Congrats to you too 😊

Congrats kannon! you deserve the position

Thank you! 😃

You're welcome ma'am, my pleasure 😊

Thank you! Congrats to you too 😊

Congratulations Mam😊

Thank you! 😊

Congratulations 🎉indeed you deserved it. @cryptokannon

Thank you for the kind wishes 😊

Congratulations dear

Thank you! 😊

Congrats Kannon ❤

Congratulations girlll ❤️ @randulakoralage

Thank you ma sis ❤️

Thank you! You too big congrats🤗🎉

Sabía que gabarias como mejor colaborador, 👍🏻 no me equivoqué en la nominacion! 😄 Felicidades.

Thank you! 😃💓

Thank you! 😊

Congratulations!! I am very happy for seeing you in the first place!! You have that place more than won!! 🎉

Thanks for the work you have done and which has been rightly rewarded by the Team.