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RE: The Steemit Awards 2020 - The Winners

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Thank you so much!

I am delighted that the Steemit Awards were an incredible success, we had a massive participation.
Congratulations on your great organization and support work! And congratulations to all the winners!

As for me and the Community Italy, just a few months ago I never thought we’d be able to reach this goal.
It is an enormous satisfaction that gives us motivation to do better and better.

Our official curation account for the Italy Community is @italygame

Thanks again and STEEM ON!! ✌️👏


Hi @girolamomarotta

Actually I would consider Steem Awards to be great failure. All those who promoted it the most (josevas217, xpilar community and project.hope) were cheated badly and both our large communities are full of disappointed people.

Steemitblog lost a lot, since common blief is that they do not care about being transparent and they made so many people feel like fools and idiots.

Instead of feeling like a winners - so many feels like losers.

I surely won't participate in any more contest. It's second time I involved Project.hope community and both times we end up being cheated and dissapointed.

Awful Ł-

Hi Piotr!
Yes, I have read and I am sorry for what you feel at this moment...

I can answer you as a simple participant, since although I was the creator of the base format, I didn't take part in the organization and management of the event, which was conducted exclusively by the Steemit Team.

Now it's hard for me to say, you may not believe it because me and my community were awarded, but I assure you that I would have accepted whatever verdict was decreed by Team Steemit, as I have always done in the past.

This is because it was clearly specified that they would not only take into account the votes of the Community, but would also consider the commitment of users and communities throughout the year to draw up the final ranking.

I ascribe a great importance to the Community and I don't want to ignore the protest, but I am sorry that, in the end, a good initiative like this must be ruined by controversy and accusations.

What I can suggest is that @steemitblog or @steemcurator01, if they deem it proper, can give you more clarification about the parameters that were used to determine the winners, but I don't think there was any anticipated manipulation at the base, otherwise the Team could have already excluded certain users and communities from shortlists to vote.

I wish you a good evening and with great friendship, I greet you.