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hi steemit friends how are you are you in good health hopefully always healthy so you can run activities for today, today i will be active again posting because i have found the best application which is @wherein this application in my opinion reading will be appreciated by anyone who post wherein so friends, let's all work hand in hand to post in this application.

let me introduce myself in the community wherein my name is hardiana and my account name is @hardiananisam
full address: nisam Aceh Utara
district: Aceh Utara

I work as a farmer in the fields, my habit is to cultivate rice in the fields for family needs at home, and I really like to write and take pictures of what is good and interesting in the crowd

This is my complete profile. I hope the Wherein community will accept me, my words, thank you very much to this community

Best regards from me to all friends @hardiananisam

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