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RE: The Steemit Awards 2020 - The Winners

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I appreciate the concept of rewarding steemians with awards of various categories. I also acknowledge that the organizer of any contest reserves some veto power in deciding who the winners turn out to be. Most times, this veto power is demonstrated via the setting of rules and guidelines.

I'll humbly suggest that we all accept the results as they are. I had my own opinion (quite different) right from the nominations process but what can I do, I'm not an organizer and I can't impose on someone how to run their contests or awards.

Maybe, if you have a more transparent award process, you should consider hosting your own yearly awards.

For the above-stated suggestion, I'd like to cite two examples from football - Fifa the best awards and Ballon D'Or.

Both award excellence in football but while the former is organized by the overall football governing body, the latter is organized by a french football magazine - France Football.

So maybe you can come up with a more transparent and prestigious award system. We always recognize awards for what they are, transparent or not or prestigious or not.

Just a humble suggestion.


Transparency would be nice @jehoshua-shey

Right now I consider this recent challenge to be one huge joke. And victims are all those who participated and who's votes were simply ignored.


Smiles* It was always going to be like this from the beginning as soon as the format used was adopted.

Transparency is not the only issue with this awards for me, there's also the issue of inviting anyone to nominate. This is unfair to people who have been contributing in some very laudable way but silently.

It looks like an award for people with the most followers for me.

I still think some of the winners merited their position but the whole setup was funny. A rib cracking joke!

It's the first trial, I'm optimistic the steemit team will get it right in subsequent awards.