I Cannot Believe We Are Having Malunggay Leaves (Moringa Leaves) for Our Afternoon Snacks!

in WhereINlast month

I eat all leafy green vegetables that are known to be edible here in the Philippines except for Moringa leaves or what we call as Malunggay leaves. I experienced eating this leaf for the first time when I was little and it had a bitter aftertaste. A lot of poeple tell me it isn't bitter tasting. The cooked Malunggay leaves would just have a bitter after taste if it was not fresh from being picked from the tree. Well, I guess that was what I had, something not fresh and cooked and now it has traumatized me for life!

This afternoon, my daughter experimented on making what she calls as Crispy Moringa. She mixed the leaves in a cornstarch and egg batter and stir fried it quickly on the pan. Oh my gosh, how good is tastes! It is crunchy like chips and I can taste the egg and the Moringa, it tastes like a very nice tasting omelet. This is our snack for this afternoon and I am so happy and proud of what my daughter has made. She has made me love something I despised since childhood. My trauma is now fixed! Hahaha!