My Actifit Report Card: May 3 2020

in Actifit6 months ago (edited)

It was a typical Sunday. My wife and I heard mass over the television but needed to drive about 100kms for my hospital appointment. My numbers came mostly from walking around the hospital building as we parked at the other of the hospital to avoid hefty parking charges. Yes, the hospital here charges for parking, so we opted to take the free ones, which are not hard to find because it is a weekend, and the weather is not good too as it was practically raining all day.

Here's a snap of the driveway at the hospital. I took this while walking back to our car. Good thing the rain stopped for a bit and I got the chance to take this photo.

Daily Activity, Walking
171 cm
83 kg
Body Fat
38 cm
54 cm
54 cm

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