My Birthday workout

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My birthday workout with online clien. The cluent has a bad internet connection so we trained only with messages.
The warm up 100 air squats.
Thus exercise goes to myworkoutarena to burn rmsfitness tokens.
The second exercuse double kettlebell 28 kg swings for 4 sets max.
My result 25/21/21/21
It goes as well to you can chech the results there.
The third exercise was.
Seated floor shoulder press 24kg.
My reps are 8/8 9/9 10/10 10/11
As well goes to burn rmsfitness tokens.
The client did with 16kg kettlebell.
And the past exercise 4 sets of pull ups max!!!!
I went for 10/11/11/11

And what is your score.
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Body Fat
24 %


Happy birthday bro! Hope its a kick-ass one ;)

Thank you! sending 0.001 rmsfitness token

Thank you!

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