Beautiful Area Of My Village\\21/04/2021

Asslamo-o-Alaikum all memeber!
I hope all of you brothers are working in the Steamline community. I hope you are all well and I pray that all of you friends will be fine, be well and have a good life. As the month of Ramadan is passing, it is a very blessed month. Worship as much as you can in this month so that Allah Almighty may be pleased with you.





I got up this morning and fasted. After fasting, I prayed the morning prayer, and then I came home and slept. After a while, I got up, washed my hands and went out. There is some photography of my village which I want to show to you friends as you all friends can see that the wheat crop which is now fully ripe has not started to be harvested here but in different parts of our village. But the harvest of wheat has begun۔


The area of ​​our village is very beautiful as you can see and I am very attached to my village because some roads are unpaved and some are paved.




The rains make it very difficult to walk on these dirt roads but there is also a compulsion to go to the village but I also like my village very much its beautiful greenery. Hope you enjoyed my post. Thanks!

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You started the morning in a very good way. You worked all day and photographed the wheat harvest of good photography and fed the animals. That's good

Nice photographs