Avoid Plagiarism And How To Check Plagiarism In Your Posts?

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Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in the steemit.

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Today I will tell you some tips and tricks to avoid plagiarism. I will tell you that how you can write your post 100% original and check plagiarism in your post. Sometimes it happens that we write our post but it becomes plagiarism because of some same topics. But you can check plagiarism in your post and make it unique.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a very bad habit and it is worse than stealing anyone's article. It is a crime under specific rules and regulations. Plagiarism means that you have used paragraphs, articles, pictures of anyone without permission.

How To Check Plagiarism In Your Post?

Sometimes it happens that you write your own article but someone claims that your article is plagiarized. You have stolen his article.

It is true it may happen sometimes because of the same topics. But you can avoid this thing by checking plagiarism in your post or article before posting it anywhere especially in the steemit.

There are many online websites through which you can check your post or article whether it is unique or not. But I will tell you about some most popular websites which give you accurate analysis. I also use these websites to check my content. The two most popular websites are given below to check plagiarism in your posts:

I also use these two websites but mostly I used Small Seo Tools to check plagiarism in publications. It really helps me a lot and it may be proved very helpful to you dear steemians to write #plagiarism-free posts.

How To Use These Websites

These are very simple to use with a simple interface and these are user-friendly but you have to face some ads there because they get earning from these ads to run these websites. I will teach you here about Small Seo Tools

  • Firstly you have to go to https://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/

  • There you will see a section to paste your article. You have to paste your article simply by copying it.

  • Now you have to Check Captcha .

  • After checking captcha you have to click on the button Check Plagiarism

  • Now this website will check your text and will collect results for your text.

And after the complete process, it will show you results and tell you if your article is unique or not. If your article is plagiarized it will also give the source from where you have a copy of that article or to whom your article is matched. Sometimes due to plenty of articles ranked in Google, your own original article is matched to others' article and it shows your article is plagiarized.

But you can make your articles unique than others by changing your statement wordings. In this way, you can check your articles and make your articles more unique so that no one can claim that you have stolen his article, paragraph, or text.

In this way you can write #plagiarism-free articles or posts.

Some Tips To Use Other's Content If Necessary

You can use other's content as references and quotations but with their permission. If you use another's paragraph then you have to give source and credit to the real content creator.

Similarly, if you use any image of others then you have to give the source of that again. And you have to use only Copyright Free Images

Steemit Plagiarism Checking Team

Steemit team is strictly coming forward to do a crackdown against plagiarists. @steemcurator01 himself also checking plagiarism posts and giving them Downvotes to show them plagiarism is not acceptable in steemit. And he has hired Indian user @sapwood for this purpose to provide a list of plagiarists. Steemit team has also hired @the-gorrilla to check plagiarism and shout when he finds anyone who is abusing the reward pool.

Good move, although I would suggest using a new name rather than Steem Cleaners - to save confusion with the old operation.
The previous Steem Cleaners might also claim their name has been plagiarised!
Maybe it would be worth keeping a regularly updated list of plagiarists (alphabetically sorted for easy finding) pinned at the top of the community for quick reference.
Also if a separate community account is established for publishing updated lists etc, it can be voted for and delegated to build up some voting (downvoting) power.

Steemit has said the-gorilla to make a specific account to warn the plagiarists and to downvote them. And he has suggested that we should use @endingplagiarism for this purpose and endingplagiarism has started working on this project as he is very experienced and professional in this work. He has made different 4 stages to warn the plagiarists and finally, he will kick them from the steemit by giving the downvotes just like the Mosquitoes.

endingplagiarism has made his announcement to kill the plagiarists he considers plagiarists Mosquitoes Of Steemit and he is working just like the Mosquito Squisher in the Steemit.

So be careful and do not do plagiarism posts and if you have any more questions then feel free to ask in the comments section as I read all the comments and respond to them.

Plagiarism Related Posts by the Plagiarism Checking Team

Steemit team is working actively to kill these plagiarists as different posts have been made by the different workers. And @kiwi-crypto is also working hard to catch the Link Spammers on daily basis. You can know more about this plagiarism crackdown by following posts:

Consolidated List of Spammers/Plagiarists(Repeat Offenders)-- Date- 03/04/2021 By @bestofindia

The End Of My Fight || Steemit Plagiarism Premier League By @the-gorilla

Consolidated List of Plagiarists By @endingplagiarism

How to Highlight Plagiarism


How can we get content, content is plagiarism free as well. Please mention the name of website. It doesn't matter weather it is paid or not.

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good information friends, and should be careful in making posts, and original content should take precedence

Thank you dear for visiting my post related to plagiarism. Steemit team has run a crackdown against plagiarism and I am just alarming the users to avoid plagiarism and how they can check plagiarism in their posts.

You're welcome, and I also know about it, and hopefully we are far from plagiarism

Your post related to plagiarism is much amazing .i like it very much.struggle continue keep it up

Thank you dear. YOu can also use these tools to check plagiarism in your posts.

Sir @mohammadfaisal thanks for giving very nice advice .You tell us very important websites so that we can avoid from plagiarism and check our post himself .


Thank you dear for visiting my post related to plagiarism. Steemit team has run a crackdown against plagiarism and I am just alarming the users to avoid plagiarism and how they can check plagiarism in their posts.

Sir can you tell me that can we chek plagiarism in our post before posting in any community ?please tell me.

Yes, you can do it before posting.

this is very useful, hopefully in the future steemit will be even more quality, even though it's hard for me, a beginner hahaha

Thank you dear for visiting my post related to plagiarism. Steemit team has run a crackdown against plagiarism and I am just alarming the users to avoid plagiarism and how they can check plagiarism in their posts.

Thanks faisal bahii for giving us important information...

Your post is very good and it started my knowledge off a lot.

A wonderful post dear fellow about the plagiarism and you have told in a best way to check plagiarism in posts. And in this way one can write #plagiarism-free posts.

Really appreciated and stay blessed.

Thank you dear for visiting my post related to plagiarism. Steemit team has run a crackdown against plagiarism and I am just alarming the users to avoid plagiarism and how they can check plagiarism in their posts.

The great task you are doing I like it you are doing such a great duty

Very nice post.

This can help you a lot to check plagiarism in your posts and t publish plagiarism-free posts.

These tools doesn't work properly because now if you check your own post you will find out this post also contains plagiarism 😊

Bro, it will show definitely because now this article has ranked in the Google bro.

Whenever an article ranked in the google search engine then you will see it plagiarised if it was your own and you will see it this tools will show your article's source.

It will also show some back-links bro it was just a suggestion 😊

I believe in you but I have checked it right now bro.

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Terima kasih informasinya bagus. Tapi bagaimana misalnya kalau, "kita ambil pernyataan seseorang", memang kita sebutkan pernyataan tersebut kita tulis sumbernya. Namun, terlacak plagiat? Apa ada solusi?