STOP! Before Mentioning Steemit Team Read This Announcement

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As we know that everyone is mentioning Steemit Team especially steemcurator01, steemcurator02 and booming. I also mentioned them before this but now I am taking care of this thing.

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As the Community Admin It is my responsibility to tell you about this situation so that you cannot do such things again.

As haidermehdi, Country Representative Pakistan has already made this announcement as you can see here.

A Very Important Announcement! Reduce the mentions! They don't earn you anything Extra.

And please it is really a humble request to all the community members to not mention the steemit team such as: steemcurator01, steemcurator02, and booming01, booming02, booming03, booming04.

The reason I that there are many important announcements regarding the steemit community and the country representatives mention the team and due to the mentions of us steemit team also get these and for them, it becomes difficult to find the important announcements.

In this way, the chances to miss the mentions of the Country Representatives are missed even the steemit team always try its best to check all the mentions of the Country Representatives and other important announcements and news related to the steemit.

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From this comment of steemcurator01, you can imagine this thing. I hope now you will not mention all of the steemit team but if you have any announcement then you can mention. But before mentioning them you have to contact/mention your country representatives.

In my case, I will mention my country representatives @rashid001, @hassanabid, and @haidermehdi. In this way, you can convey your message and avoid mentioning the steemit team so that they can easily manage each and everything.

And by mentioning them you cannot get anything extra if you are thinking that by mentioning them you will get anything extra then you are wrong and it is no more than hurting the steemit team as they have to visit a lot of content on daily basis.

I hope everyone will follow this thing in the whole community and resteem it so that everyone knows this. And spread this message to all your steemian friends and keep following @steemitblog for the new updates and contests.

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Best Of Luck!


I just found out this information, thank you in advance for sharing the news, I think, I myself made a lot of mistakes and I never thought it would be like this, even I just did yesterday, I'm sorry for the steemit team, hahaha silly

It is well that by this announcement you have learnt this that we have to not mention steemit team in our posts.

I think, I myself made a lot of mistakes.

But I hope now you will not do mistakes, And if you want any guidance you can ask here I will try my best to guide you.

I will comment when I have trouble in Steemit, and I will ask you

You are welcome.

Your post is fabulous I really like it you are doing such a great and superb task in this community

It is all about mentioning the steemit team and I hope you will learn each and everything.

If you have any more question then feel free to ask here about this.

Very nice post

Thank you dear but read all the post and don't mention the steemit team in your posts.
If you have any further questions then feel free to ask as I am seeing that you are a newcomer.

Moreover, you can go here in the Newcomer's community :

I've read it, and I understand, and now we have to keep our community together, not mentioning the name

It is all about mentioning the steemit team and I hope you will learn each and everything.

If you have any more questions then feel free to ask here about this.

if we mention other usernames, or what admin names are allowed

you can mention admins and your country rpresentatives if you have any issue.

ok, I get it,

 4 months ago 

@mohammadfaisal , That's the thing we need , To work on ,
You have done a good job , as a community admin , and I am sure all the members will follow these guidelines .
Becouse its better for all .

Thank you 🌹

Yes sir I have made this post so that everyone can know this thing.

As the admin of the community, it was my responsibility to inform all the members.

I am sure all the members will follow these guidelines .

I am also sure dear brother everyone will follow my guidelines and will act upon this.

That's Good Work To Our Community.
I understand
Thank you

It is a good thing that you understand and resteem this so that everyone can understand this thing.

Okay Dear Thank You

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[email protected] to share very important information...

You are welcome and now you have to follow this information.

@mohammadfaisal Ok,got time,we must follow the instructions.thankx for sharing this valuable info

It was full of information for me and all the users of steemit.
I understand that post in very beautiful manners

Thanks a lot for this.