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[Assalamu Alaikum ]

In the name of Allah, I start the morning and in the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, and I go to the mosque early in the morning to offer prayers, and I perform ablution there first. I listen to it. After performing the Sunnah, then it is time for the obligatory prayers. Imam Sahib leads the congregation. We all offer the Fajr prayers together. After performing the prayers, we recite the Holy Qur'an. There they stay in the mosque and after a while they come back home and those who are with the house then I go. You keep a little and pray. I take cool breezes because it is very difficult to get up early in the morning. Good practice and very good work and refreshes the mind by looking at the trees.The cold wind is blowing. The weather is very good and today it has become rainy season because early in the morning the clouds in the sky which were Haider and which were perfectly ready to rain because today it is raining and the wind is very strong. Running and in the early morning I went for a walk for a while then came back and not coming home I changed clothes after changing clothes which then after that I had breakfast at my shop after breakfast Gone and engaged in the work of life



This is a very beautiful place that you can see with a very large flex on top of it and there are a lot of cars on the side of the road you can see some people sitting on and Some people are standing and different types of shop you can see. I actually went to a place where I was working. When I went there, I saw a place on the way where I saw a lot of flakes because I had some shopping. I had to go there because I had to buy some clothes and leopards etc. So a place was known as Karachi clothes shop. I got down there and I went to the shopkeeper to buy clothes from there. From this I bought two suits for clothes and I gave them money for three thousand rupees and took two hundred and then after that I went to a shoe store and there I bought two pairs of shoes which cost one thousandI took two pairs of shoes from him and gave him three thousand rupees because the shopkeeper was a very good man and he was a very good man. He gave me a guarantee of liars for 11 years because guaranteed shoes last longer. They are taken out and they don't break quickly but those without skin guarantee break quickly and that's why I bought shoes from them and I got on the bus again and went to my friend because I I had to attend her wedding and I had to meet her. I went to my friend's wedding and enjoyed sitting there. I was very happy to meet her and I did all the photography from my mobile phone which you can see. Is coming

         [Mountains of mud]


This is a very famous area of ​​Kharian where I went for an essential work and I did all this photography that I am presenting to all of you friends. In fact, these are mountains of mud and very famous mountains to watch songs. Come from far and wide and it is also used as a tourist destination because it is a tourist spot and every tree can be seen in it. It is like a dense forest in the distance. Enjoy and bring food and drink with you as there is nothing to be found here so they bring their food and drink with them and it is a great place for sightseeing in our area. There are very few forests in our area, so it is a remote area where it has been developed for recreation in an area of ​​twelve to thirteen acres.This is an incident on an area of ​​twelve to thirteen acres and people from far and wide come to visit it. I also went there because I had to attend a wedding and went to my friend's wedding so my friend first took me to the hill. Show me the area. Yes, take me for a walk and he told me that it is called a mountain of mud and people come to see it from afar. There is also a gas pipe passing by which one boy is carrying and the other. Delivered to areas as it is every area and forest area so special care is taken of the pipe along with it as people can damage it at night so come to see it and give it away. Would have enjoyed



This is a very beautiful and lush tree you see. In fact, it is not in my area. I went to my friend's house for a wedding. He was a supporter there. He remembered me. I immediately Take a mobile phone out of your pocket and take a photograph of it which I am presenting to you all because it is a lush tree and it was a big tree. I have never seen this tree before in my life. I have never seen this tree. It is very different from trees because the ones that grow on it look taller and the leaves look like wavy children. Believe me, I have never seen this beautiful sight in my life and I immediately took a mobile phone out of my pocket. And capture the photography of it in your mobile which I am presenting to all of you friends because it was a very auspicious moment. It looked like this. I was having a lot of fun. The cool breeze was blowing and


Sir, your area is very beautiful. The pictures you have taken are very beautiful. You have made a very good post. I like your area very much.

Your pictures are very nice and the second last is very interesting and beautiful.
Please keep it up.