#rockclassics - Frank Zappa

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today it is time for #rockclassics, the # tag brought to live by @uwelang, who is also one of the founders of the #music communities.

He wants to grow this community and needs your help with a small delegation to the @music-community account. I will delegate some power tomorrow, as promised to be an example. :)

Now back to the music. Today marks a sad anniversary as 27 years ago, Frank Zappa left this world.

He was a music genius, combining so many styles and elements, reinventing himself with every album he brought out.

And he did bring a lot of albums out, 60 to be more precise. He was not the usual type of rockstar, as he did not drink and neither did drugs. The cigarettes have been his greatest vice, which also led to his death.

He managed to go from jazz to rock very easily. He was also very critical,satirical and political in his songs.

His most famous song, Bobby Brown was not played in the USA as it is very controversial.

RIP Frank! Thank you for your art!


oh yeah, Zappa the man, strange but special, a unique personality.

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