Pretty Gorgon : Quarantine Edition

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Happy Whatever day it is, Steemit.

I talked to a pretty gorgon today, and it put me in the mood to sing.
It also gave me the opportunity to try something different with the Nikon that @kommienezuspadt loaned me.
I'm excited at the potential of this camera for shooting videos:D

May we be well fed and happy...


are you on now? that card reading you did was brutal but I'd say probably spot on - how could it be anything but - man the Hierophant, the Fool Reversed and the Devil - GOOD LUCK humans - you are FUCKED.

So it seems...
Strange days.

actually, I was thinking about it - the question you asked
"what is this world we are stepping into? ...what it requires?"
So - that is what is the "world" that we have been living in - this technocracy - that the powers that be have changed - and the reading lays it out -

HOWEVER - Nature is still here - waiting for us - in the last few weeks with less airplane travel and pollution generated by cars, the song birds are back...their were a zillion insects dead on our windshield today - where there have been no insects really...

so NATURE is here waiting for us to step back into HER - we have that option - to ABANDON man's world completely and live in NATURE - and live by NATURAL LAW - take the advice of David Icke and Mark Passio and ignore what the supposed "authorities" say we "have" to do - and instead, LIVE OUR LIVES as FREE sovereign beings - in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness ... it is the critical moment of choice - there is no more dilly-dallying around - the choice is black and white - are we going to rely on a human "king" to protect us or are we going to rely on God - the Creator - The Spirit - Nature - we still have that choice - it is just that NOW - the "world" or "civilization" is placing that choke hold on us and there is no more illusion that we can live in both at the same time -

My choice is Nature. Still a lot of hard work and faith - also to do it differently - connecting with Nature Spirits and working with them instead of dominating them - but that choice is still there and available - I am jumping out of man's world and jumping IN to Nature with both feet!

I've been thinking about getting out of the city a lot lately.
If we ever lost electricity because of the virus, the city would be a terrible place to be.

can you get out? Do you have a place to go? GET OUT. That's what my intuition is telling me - even if nothing happens in the city - Nature is much better for my sensibilities - but it is likely this is the New World Order like in Wuhan, and I do not want to be dependent up on anyone for food and water- I want my dependence to be only on Nature.

I see great wisdom in that.
I truly believe I will know when to leave if I have to.
My path is with the wind.