Introducing Miss Monique - Progressive House

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Progressive House

I am continuing to present some of the best DJ folks that have the vibe talent to make a crowd dance. Today one of the most popular Progressive House acts from Europe. I have to admit I was pretty sure Miss Monique is from Belgium, but no way, born as Olesia Arkusha she is from Ukraine.

About Miss Monique

Monique is known for her sounds but also her green hair - coming from Kiew she is a stunner in my view and another upcoming DJane from her area where a lot talent is rising - they often look attractive which makes them a target of Western idiots that blame them not to play and mix live - typical male old-fashioned style. Just read, listen and enjoy here.

Miss Monique is possibly the most recognised female Progressive House DJ’s in Europe. Gradually rising to prominence, she is beginning to create waves on the international circuit too.

Recent years have seen Miss Monique make her debut in Ibiza, as well as hundreds of shows across the globe; from Hungary to Belarus, to Czech Republic and even India. Her eclectic mix of trance, progressive house and techno, give Miss Monique a versatility that is suited to intimate venues and festival headline slots, alike.

Since entering the studio, she has begun collaborating with some of the world’s most important DJs; her biggest and most recognisable hit, ‘No Fear’ was championed by the likes of Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Gareth Emery, and many more.

Her live sets on YouTube have garnered thousands of hits, with her most popular set at Radio Intense boasting 6 million views. With her acclaimed Podcast, Mind Games, fans are treated to a fresh DJ set every month.



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