Got a charity after few days of intensive search. Meet the CFO family.

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I've been busy looking for a charity that can benefit from steem and after almost a week, I found one. There are many charities around I can easily fetch and write about but I decided to look for children. Children are the salt of the world. The holy book regards them as special. The holy prophet of God said, let little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the heaven belong to such as these. If anyone helps children that are orphan, it's a unique blessing according to my belief. That's why I channel my findings toward them and I found one, and that wasn't enough, as I was blessed with a charity home having children and widows.

With the inter state lockdown in my country, It's been difficult to travel, but somehow, people are still having their ways because the security management remain porous. I've been in Abuja for more than a weeks now and that's where all my activities are carried out now. I'm not sure of when I will go back to Lagos because Abuja is sweet at the moment.

The orphanage home (Christ foundation orphanage home and widows outreach)



This orphanage home is located somewhere around Kuje in Abuja. I visited the place to know how far about what they do since where I stay at the moment is somehow not too far from the place ( Thanks to my good friend for helping through). On getting there, I talked about my mission, and requested to take some photos with them and the children, but they refused. Speaking further, I got to understand that some people with dubious acts had used similar means to extort money from people using their identity. I didn't blame their action. I was very patient and later got their attention after reasoning with my words.

Christ foundation orphanage home (CFO) and widows outreach was founded by Evang. Patricia Omoze Agho on 18th June, 2004. She was driven with passion to help the orphans, widows and the less privileged.


She started from supporting various NGO's , missionaries, and Churches while in the Uk before she finally came up with an Orphanage home16 years ago in Nigeria.

Their mission is to build homes for the orphans and less privileged ones where God will be their focus, and to give them hope and future for a better living.

Many orphans and widows had gone through series of hurdles without getting any positive reactions from the community. Any orphan or widow that gets in contact with this foundation will be catered for and supported to the best of their ability.


Looking at their mission and objectives, it is not difficult to understand that one of their aim is to leave behind an incredible mark on the soil of time, through provision of humanitarian services to all mankind and genuine love of God, and also to provide complete refuge to vulnerable children and give them basic education in order to eradicate child abuse, and provide adequate moral and spirital upbringing for the children.

I saw many children in the compound. They embraced me when I entered. I tried to shrugged, away, because of the covid-19 pandemic, but they were like bees. After the conversation with the woman in charge and her daughter, I left with the hope to get back to them to clear the doubt of being a dubious person.

One of the problem we face in Nigeria is the Yahoo yahoo issues. When anyone hears about internet business or online blogging, the first thing that ring in their mind is internet fraudsters. I was almost embarrassed, but the determination to make impact made me bury my ego.

Getting back will not be a problem. I've presented myself in a way that they will welcome me with joy anytime I visit them again. I was given a flier that contains what I need to know about the orphanage home. We also exchange numbers for further interaction.

Apart from getting the organisation fuctioning on steem, some matured orphans I saw around can still be on boarded with time. One step after another.

This initiative gave me the joy of doing what I love. I'm very happy for taking this step. God bless steem and every member making things possible.

This is the image of the flier they gave me



Their website

Facebook account


Orphans, especially the ones that lost or doesn't know their parents chose their father and mother, and they tends to love them even more than they would love their maternal parents.

Widows are also like an abandoned project.If there is never a follow up to guide and care for them, life becomes difficult for most of them.

The charity organization has been doing a lot of work for the past 16 years. Steem coming in to support is a blessing.

I always say that the only way to help yourself is to help others, because wishing good, merely, is a lukewarm charity; but doing good is divine. The steem team has taken up the responsibility to be a good giver. The support will fall back, and steem will be irresistible.

You can check @steemitblog for another wonderful contest going on to participate.
Why now is the best time to ever join steemit?. Stay cool and keep steeming.

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Images gotten from the CFO facebook account, except the fliers images I took with my phone.


This is a worthy cause and this is what the power of Steem can do. I am impressed with this. This is what most people fail to see.
Well done for this. Those who bring sunshine to other people's lives cannot keep it from themselves. You have made them happy, you will always be happy.

Hahaha. Your poem will always reflect in your writings. Thanks for this. It's absolutely a worthy cause. Stay happy too.😀

Hahaha. Thanks a lot and God bless your heart.

Looks like a very worthwhile charity.

Hope this upvote can be useful for them.

Will you be trying to get them to join Steem?

The Steemit Team

Thank you very much @steemcurator01 for your support.

We really appreciate you @steemcurator01 for your outstanding leadership skills shown in the community. May the almighty sustained your precious life for us.

Daniel Ago

Thanks for the support. One of the things I discussed is creating an account for them and take them through the processes. I will bring them over. 100%. I appreciate your good work

Keep up the good work beauty, you're doing a lot of good for this world. I wish these kids all the best! :)

Thankbyou @cyberblock. All we need is lov and kindness.

Thank you so much for for this great work. May the almighty God bless you for this effort reaching out these people.

It was a determination. I've longed wished to support charities, so this initiative gave me a push. Thank you bro. God bless you too.

Thanks a lot

Keep the good work sister for the visit is wonderful, thanks for keeping the poor in heart.

It's my pleasure. Whomever you have the capacity to help, help them now. That's one of my watch word.

Thanks sister for reply. May you be bless.

Yes it is good to support the needy, we have to Volunteer because this is the quality the Almighty God wants us to cultivate and this doing support what the scripture said at 1 Chronicles 29:5 that: "the gold for the goldwork and the silver for the silverwork, and for all the work to be done by the craftsmen. Now who volunteers to come forward today with a gift in hand for Jehovah?”

  • Now how can we give a gift to Jehovah God?
    Is it not through helping our neighbors or brothers in need?

To imitate the ancient Israel in this account read.

  • Today, we also have many opportunities to volunteer your time, resources, and skills to help our fellow human being in critical conditions. And we will feel great joy and receive many blessings from making yourself available in supporting others in need.

Thanks sister for this great example.

That's true. What you sow, you shall reap in multiple folds either bad or good. Thanks for this comment.

@abbikhan sir am new here and i try posting my articles but not get a good responce do you please help me or even follow 15 years old and try to change my future

A well deserved project! Thanks for your good work in searching this out. We also onboarded a registered blockchain-based charity platform @onwadanf but they've been inactive, we will try to reach out them.

I think this is the time to get them active. They also need to start interacting, because the main thing that can make any charity org get help is by coming out and showing what they are doing, and how they are doing it. You are doing a great job with the Academy.

Yeah, well said. They will, and thanks for appreciating our work 🙏

That was really worthwhile!!

Thank you a great deal

Woow...this is indeed a worthwhile charity. You have really done a Great search. Will be glad to see this charity project on the steem Blockchain. Helping Orphans and widows is a very great humbling experience.

Onboarding the grown up orphans will help them sustain and better their lives through content creation.

Supporting this charity project will create a great platform for marketing steem. Hehe.. As you have stated Steem will surelly be irresistible.

Yea, of course. There are some things we might count as little that has a big weight. Helping the less privileged is something that attracts blessings. Steem is blessed already with this step taken. Thank you for comment.

Какой вы молодец , браво! Благое дело выполняете!

Charity allows one of the most "grateful" feelings in the world!!

Butterflies are flying in my belly. It's a good feeling.

Indeed!! That little nervous is priceless and super addicting!

Great vision. More oil on your head to fire you up to greater heights.

Is your second name Samuel? If that's it, you can anoit me with oil😀. Thanks man. I appreciate you.

Samuel was not the only Priest. You may get anointed. Blessings.

congratulations a job extremely and admire

Good job! Nice cause.

A commendable gesture from @beautychicks.

It is vindictive that all Nigerians youths are Not into internet scams as the hushpuppis of this world has portrayed them.

But I would like to be more cautious subsequently in maintaining SOCIAL DISTANCES with your 'clients' subsequently as COVID-19 is very real!

I heartily congratulate you on this noble project!

I appreciate this comment. Yes, not all Nigerians are scammers. Hushpuppi and the likes, are just the bad eggs that makes even a fellow Nigerian see any online things as a scam.

I observe social distancing. I was with my mask throughout my conversation with them, and I washed and sanitized after the encounter. Thanks for the observation.

@abbikhan sir am new here and i try posting my articles but not get a good responce do you please help me or even follow 15 years old and try to change my future

Superb initiative, I once had a dream of financing a charity movement with my tiny rewards from this community thou the plan flopped a bit, I still believe there's much to come. Keep up.

I've had something like this in mind before this opportunity came. I believe there is time for everything. You can still realize that dream of helping the charity. Thanks for the comment

This is good project by steemit, reaching out to Africa and other underdeveloped countries in the world is a great means of giving alms and helping the less privileged.
I will love to be a good example of reaching out to the world by helping and reaching out to more people ❤️.

It's a great opportunity to have the chance to partake in this. I'm very grateful to the steemit team.

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