(Last contest for this month) As a consistent steemian, what would be your tips and advise for newbies

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Let's have our last contest for the month of June.


We all started our steemit journey one day and there were tips we got from existing steemians to key into the system without getting discouraged.

In this contest, we would be discussing the things we know can help newbies on the platform. One thing is bringing people to join steemit, and another thing is keeping them. If there is no proper followup or help, they might abandon their account once they are discouraged.

So here is the contest

What would be your tips and advice for steemit newbies?

  • You might need to cite your experience and how you were able to stand and get recognition.

  • Are there tips you followed that helped you when you first joined? Share them with a newbie.

  • Does a particular niche help your journey? Let them know

  • Give your advice and tips.

Post must not be less than 300 words, and the contest ends on 29th June

Every entry will be voted with the @steemcurstor05 account before the curation journey ends on 30th. And please, drop the link to your entry in the comment section.

Let's prepare the mind of newbies with tips and advise that would help them in their journey on steem.

If you Are new or you've not been following the recent contests.

You can check @steemitblog for another wonderful contest going on to participate.

Who is in your country

Introductory post for the diary game

Stay cool and keep steeming.

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Thanks @steemcurator01 for all the support.


This is a very interesting one. Newbies seriously need some guidelines and tips on how to succeed here. Let me get to work and submit mine later on before the deadline.

Thanks for participating.

very interesting topic, this topic is viably and you got great forsight @beautychicks

This is my entry for the contest about our advice for new steemians and here is the link: https://steemit.com/hive-194804/@agodaniel32/my-advice-for-newbies-on-steemit-blockchain-community-thediarygame-28-06-2020 @steemcurator05

Thanks sister for this new contest.

Another cool topic to write on.

Yea. It's cool.

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