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Hello great steemians and diarist, your welcome to my blog. I'll be sharing with you all how I spent my day read through to known how it went. (100% powered up).


My day started when I woke up I did my morning prayer as normal with me, but did not do it for long due to tiredness. Them I started pressing my phone, when I checked the time it was already past 9 quickly I jumped up from the bed to the kitchen, I did my morning chores, I played music with my phone so I can be fast and also enjoy the work.

After that I went inside the room so I can continue pressing my phone, not too long my mum called me and send me an errand to go get her sugar and milk. It was morning and the sales boy is still packing out goods. I took a shot of him.


So I waited for him to get to were sugar and milk is, we had some interesting gist while waiting.

When I got home, I looked at the weather it was bright so I decided to was my clothes today I didn't go to school. But I was hungry and no food so I decide to drink garri, so I went to a close shop to get sugar, ground nut, milk, and chilled water.

snapshot of the garri, milk, water and sugar


snapshot of the garri when mixed


snapshot when the garri became ready


After sipping my garri I was satisfied, I rested a while for it to digest them strength to wash my clothes when I got outside the sun is still shining so I saw it as opportunity despite been lazy at that moment though I usually find washing stressful I gathered courage because today it's the only free day for me this week so I got inside packed out the dirty clothes and I washed them all.

snapshot of my dirty clothes


snapshot when I soaked the clothes


The clothes was much so it took my time, when I finished, I cleaned up the compound was the basins and send them I was already tired need to rest little while I was resting I fell asleep. when when I woke up I already had 4missed calls by my mum so I returned the call she asked me to meet her at the daily market to collect soup things, I got up and I rushed to the market.

When we came back I helped her in arranging thing to be used in cooking. When I finished I went to take my bath, after that I went to my friend shop to charge my phone so I can put up a post on steemit, I was thier till my phone got up to 70% them I came back and the dinner was ready it was garri and soup my mum served me mine and I eat


After eating I went inside to complete my post.
Am happy to post it, that was how my day went thanks for reading through I really appreciate you all.