Life matters

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Life matters! Why put a colour to it?

Or are your eyes trained to be racist?

Are your mind born to be so full of shit? That you have to add a label like a fucking hypocrite.

I'm so sick and tired of the colour on every spitting tongue.

I'm so sick of all the sudden valour that gets hurled around and flung.

Spewed by those that have so much to say about what should and could be done.

But did you ever stop to think how all this shit begun?

It’s because your words incite violence that spread amongst the uneducated mindless scum.

You’ are the problem that live among the fucking retarded. The stupid and the dumb.

As long as you keep on sticking labels on everything, there will always be uprisings.

You cant expect cultures to go about like normal without clashing over things.

We come from different universes yet one planet we share as earthlings.

The only way to peace is the option of a few things...

"Carve out our eyes to see no colour! That way we cant be racist towards each other."

"Cut off our tongues to speak no lies! That way we cant insult each other’s lives."

"Pierce through our ears so we wont hear the lies that are spoken by the ones that should die."

"Or split all nations to live apart."

That way there cant be this bullshit discussion of who has a racist heart.

Because as long as you can hear. As long as you can see. As long as you can speak. There will be war and never peace.

Do you know me?

Then you are part of the problem.

So please.
Get it right for once in your life.
Life matters to me.
What about you?
Is it colour that you still see?

Then you are the problem.







Colour or no colour, we should act as one.

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So many things that are contradictory in these times, we can see. When words only are used to wage war confusion is set to born. Other way to lose humanity is not being able to hear others reasons and following the dominant discourse.

Awesome writing, @KaySmile44!!

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