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People nowadays are frightened of being replaced,
Seeing their worth in someone else's eyes being erased,
Their efforts at forming a bond going to waste,
Leaving behind only memories having a sour taste.

From the dawn of time we've changed old with new,
Then why feel dread when someone steps out of view,
Humans have a tendency to always pull through,
May it be the loss of a friend or a loved one too.

Not every person you adore will forever stay,
In this life everyone has to find their own way,
Some will give good memories and some will leave your mood grey,
But with each you'll gain a lesson that'll never decay.






We have instincts to be resilient and adapt to new situations, but is also the great push on forgetting and break with the past, even the most recent. Memory and planning the future get balance in a soul in movement!!

Good wishes for life and projects, @KaySmile44!!

@knitrias! I need to power down my sp, my father is sick I need to take him to the hospital, I'm financially down, so I need money to pay for the hospital bill. That's reason I want to power down my sp. Thanks!

Don't worry @KaySmile44!! I wish everything gets better! Please, those funds are yours!!
If you can, just let me know If you will still publish, I'll propose some options for the Members next week, it's extremely important that you check next report and express your opinions. I'll notify you!!
The Best wishes and prayers for your father, hope you manage to help him, and he gets better soon!!

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