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Hi everyone and welcome back to my diary.

The world is now a global village connected at the heart of a hand-held device. Payment of bills, buying of food, supervising a project, whatsoever it might be, it could be done from the comfort of your home. My day today was mostly filled with connecting with people both in the country and accross the world.


Watching Power on my laptop

I had been up most of the night as I slept pretty early the previous day. I was watching a series on my laptop. It is titled Power and so far, one of the best series movies I've seen in a while. Although an old series, I just heard about it from a friend recently. He had already blown through six seasons already and his much anticipated book two of the series had just arrived. It was a real bummer I could not hold a ten minutes chit-chat with him about the series. How enthusiastic he felt about it made me felt like I was really missing out on a lot and therefore decided to take a look at it.

Whiles watching, I was steeming alongside. I was so happy to see another contest organised in the Writing & Reviews community (WRITING AND REVIEWS - BIOGRAPHY CONTEST WEEK #02, 25 STEEM IN PRIZES / CONCURSO DE BIOGRAFÍAS SEMANA #02, 25 STEEM EN PREMIOS) I encourage everyone to participate as there is a nice price pool of 25 steem to grasp. I read a few diaries as well and gave some positive feedbacks to encourage users to put out more. I then went to bed for a bit.


An early morning picture in front of my house

At 5 a.m, I woke up to say my dawn prayers. It is the first thing I do each day. Right after which I did some biceps and triceps pushups in order to warm me up for the day. I then read the latest update from the steemitblog as there is mostly fresh and exciting stuff going on there. I then went to freshen up fir the day.


Cowbell coffee, bread and eggs for breakfast

For breakfast I took some cowbell coffee, bread and eggs. I had forgotten to buy the cowbell coffee last night. I usually do so because my brother and sister also like it a lot. As a result there is mostly none for breakfast. It was just my good fortune that there happened to be one in there today. My fried eggs were sandwiched between the breads as usual and breakfast was served. It was very delightful. I now had the energy to carry on with my day.

I saw a lot of contests happening on this ecosystem which lacked participation from the african continent. I therefore decided to create a weekly contest to reward africans who participate the most in such contests during the week. You can find it here BEST COLLECTOR CONTEST - 15 STEEM PRIZE POOL.


Helping a newcomer draft his introduction post on WhatsApp

After posting the contest, I began to reach out to more people encouraging them to join steemit. I assisted him with the creation of his account (@governor1997) and adviced him on the need to store his keys somewhere safe (offline). I also helped him to draft his introductory post but he seems to be facing some problems posting it. I let him change browsers but it was still to no avail. I think the problem is coming from his phone. We are currently working on it and I'm sure we'll fix it soon.


Watching some wrestling on tv

I then turned on the tv to watch some wrestling match going on. I am a big fan of sports (watching) but the on I actually play is soccer. I play it from time to time when I'm amongst my friends. As for the wrestling, I prefer that of the females to that of the men. Their stunts to me is so much better and it is just amazing to see them go at it. I watched it for about an hour and it was a cool ice breaker for me. I then went back to curating posts and engaging my fellow steemians.


Banku with ntitii and fried fish

For supper, I took some banku with ntitii and fish. It was such a nice combo. The ntitii is so much better than grinded pepper. It is basically stew made with palm oil instead of regular oil. Some pepper is added as well and the quantity depends on the consumer. It was a really delicious and I couldn't have wished for a better way to put button my daily activities for the day.

This concludes my diary for today. Thank you for your attention.

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This is me


You do a great job on Steemit, I have to learn things from you 👍

#onepercent #ukraine

Thank you for such kind words friend. You do an amazing job as well :).


Hey, thanks a lot for sharing the contest in your diary! :)
It makes me really happy to see that you enjoy the contests as much as we do, it's real fun!

#onepercent #argentina

It's my pleasure. I hope more users participate in it :).

#onepercent #ghana #affable

The Banku looks really delicious, i am not a fan of it but you picture makes me want to try again sometime. Your dairy was very well document and you images are beautiful too, which camera do you use?

it's still the samsung A51 bro :). And thanks for the compliment.


Samsung cameras have always been great

You are really doing good and your write up is indeed very nice.

At 5 a.m, I woke up to say my dawn prayers.

Whenever I find someone waking up early, I reach out and say You are ahead, you are literally having that extra 3/4 hrs. Little positive reinforcement does wonder. Most of the time we go unaware of some of the best habits we have and hence this positive reinforcement & recognition.

Ok now, can you tell me what is the speciality of cowbell coffee and why is it named so?

Have a great day.

Steem on.

#onepercent #india #affable

Cowbell is the company's name and the coffee suggests their product type. They offer a variety of products most of which are dairy based. I guess that's why it's named so.

#onepercent #ghana #affable it.

Thank you.

Wow! You really had a nice day. Nice having you on the diary game.

For me, I don't actually like watching series cause I think they require a lot of time. I like bread and tea though.

Thanks for sharing.

Well it depends on the amount of hours you spend watching it per day. I think watching an episode or two per day is alright.

Thanks for stopping by.


Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

And thank you for setting your post to 100% Powerup.

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