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On the road to the gas station

Here in Ghana most of our households make use of the L.P.G (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or charcoal as the source of energy for cooking. We exhausted ours during the course of the week and had to refill it today. The gas station is not that far from my home since its on the other side of Buoho. But they do close early and as such, I needed to get there early.

Today is Saturday and as usual most people are home with their loved ones. This makes the roads less busy and reduces traffic. As a result, there was no cause for alarm as we are certain about getting there on time. I therefore decided to sleep in after my dawn prayers. I later woke up around 9 a.m, freshened up and had my breakfast.

Cowbell coffee alongside bread with fried egg

For breakfast, I had cowbell coffee alongside bread with egg. This is quite awesome for a weekend. Cowbell coffee is more of a sweet type of coffee and not the regular kind. I think it's the second most popular coffee we have following Nescafé. I tend to add milk to mine that's why it seems lighter.

I then logged onto my steem account and noticed the post by @steemitblog calling for posts from August 1st. I immediately provided the link to my first diary post but it couldn't be reached in time. I guess the work load is too much and as such we need to be truely patient. I then went to the kitchen to unplug the wire connecting the cylinder to the stove.

Loading the cylinder into the trunk

It was then loaded onto the trunk of my dad's car. I made sure to place it vertically. This is because, the round nature of the cylinder allows it to roll by itself during slopes. I didn't want it rolling towards the direction of the door for safety reasons.

Smooth ride towards the gas station

We left the house around 11 a.m. to the gas station. And as predicted it was a smooth ride to the gas station.

Parked in reverse mode at the gas station

By 15 minutes later we were there. The place was empty with only the station workers at the place. My dad had to pull over in reverse mode but a little far from the refill point to ensure safety. We also needed to make sure the engine was off. I then unloaded the gas cylinder from the trunk and sent it to the refill point.

Staying behind the safe boundary

Fuel prices just keep increasing by the day. The last time I came to refill it was 85 cedis to refill the cylinder but its now 100 cedis. I therefore gave him the cylinder and stayed in a safe distance behind the boundary as expected.He filled the cylinder for us and I loaded it vertically back onto the trunk.

We got home around 12 p.m. and I unloaded the cylinder to the kitchen. My little sister made sure to tidy up the kitchen before we arrived with the gas cylinder.
I then connected it to the stove via the gas cable. We were all set.

Watching Ip Man 4

The rest of the day was filled with movies like "the call of the wild" which I absolutely loved as well as "Ip man 4" which reminded me of Bruce lee so much. This movie really made my day and I couldn't believe it took me so long to find it. That took me through the night and that's how my day went.

This concludes my diary for today. Thank you for your attention.

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