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Honestly, it's a very difficult time! This is exactly what the coach of a Nigerian female wrestler said while he was being interviewed on TV this morning when I was watching the news. He was referring to the lockdown situation caused as a result of the Coronavirus disease which has stopped his wrestlers activities as a wrestler.


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No doubt, it is very frustrating because the same thing applies to me too. Just like every other days since Covid-19 started, I woke up this morning knowing fully well that I would be staying indoor throughout the day and that was exactly what happened.

The breakfast was almost ready as at 9:30 AM when I got up from bed. They were preparing a Nigerian local food called Jollof Rice which is basically a mixture of rice, peppers, tomatoes, fish and groundnut oil and vegetables. Jollof rice is not a kind of food I like eating. Infact, i end up eating it most times when I don't have no other choices.

Due to that, I went back into my room immediately I found out Jollof rice is been prepared. I unplugged my phone from where I was charging it and started surfing the net. Part of the activities I did was open my Metatrader 4 application to check the trades I took yesterday. I felt happy as I was already in profit in my trades.

I also checked through my trust wallet to monitor some of the cryptocurrency coins I bought some weeks back and see if they are ripe enough to be sold. This was when I remembered I had to make a meme for a contest. That took me about an hour to create since I had to brainstorm to come up with something nice so I can have a chance at winning the contest.


Jollof rice, egg, and vegetables

At around 2:45 PM, I started feeling hungry. Don't forget I haven't eaten anything since morning before. Infact, I haven't brushed my teeth before then. So, I quickly took my brush, brushed my teeth and go serve myself the jollof rice with fish and vegetables since I had no other option.

And yes! I didn't forget to play table tennis today too after I finish eating my food. It has been a usual thing for me to do on a daily basis and I did exactly just that today again. Though, I couldn't play for long as I used to because there was lots to attend to online.


Bread and Soft drinks

It was quite late when I took dinner today. I decided to go for bread and soft drinks since I lost the appetite to eat the food we prepared at home. I bought the bread and soft drink below $2. Pretty cheap right!

For the rest of the night, I would be watching the Big Brother Nigeria reality show, surf the net and maybe do some analysis on tradingview for my Forex and crypto trading. Thanks for stopping by.

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All images were taken with my Tecno Pouvoir 3 (LA8) Phone and edited with Photogrid.


I get you... we’re still in lockdown here as well... days are long as hell! Haha

Jollof rice looks great! Why don’t you like it?
I was surprised by how different breakfast can be, here I’d just have some tea, toasts and that’s it!

Your jollof rice ,egg and vegetables
Would be delicious and think it is a nice balance diet.
Thank you for your post

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