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our meet up, @delakloe, @nanaqueci & I

My blessed Diary Monday

On the 2nd November 2020 which was Monday is the day when my blessing was fulfilled by Steemit. A day with happiness that I would never forget in my life. I am talking about the day that Master/Owner key was recovered.

I had been stranded from Saturday when the incidence happened, didn't know whether the recovery process would go through or not, since I hadn't done some before. But through consultation from other Expert in Steem, it would come if my Email and the old Master password which was tempered is genuine. So little time I would pop in to check my mail if Steemit has given me some notification to verify my account.

I woke up early dawn around 3 am to check my email messages, lucky enough, I saw some message from Steemit that reads: "Good news, we have just approved your account recovery. Follow the link to recover your account." I did know how to celebrate this joy, whether to walk with my head or stomach. I quickly went through the verification process with the link given to me and recover my account. The rest of my colleagues affected I just message them on WhatsApp to view their email if they had the same message since we all did it at the same day. Since it was so early, they couldn't respond. It was later around 6 am that they all responded and did everything.

I should have find leisure time to celebrate this day properly but, I must also think about my job which help me to get my daily bread, that's sch. I quickly went to the bath and shower. The next was to press on my shirt and a pair of trousers. I then polished sandals waiting for my hot tea to take with bread.


pressing on my shirt and trousers

Few minutes, the tea and toasted bread with eggs were ready to eat. My wife brought it on a trail, served it on my dinner table. I quickly took it very hot. I have now filled my belly for breakfast.


toasted bread & eggs with tea ready to eat

I then wore my shirt, picked taxi and went to school. It's Monday, so I don't have lessons. I signed my name in the attendance book, sat under the tree with the colleagues teachers present. The headteacher, Owusu, Baidoo and Janet were present. I engaged myself in chatting with these staff members. Oh I forgot I had students homework to mark. I asked the class captain to bring them for marking. When I finished marking, the canteen woman brought in the hot meal. I didn't know if I should call it brunch or breakfast. But it was still morning. We surrounded the food and eat. Those having lesson went, while some of us were chatting. Soon the clock hour hand was on 2 pm. The bell boy rang the bell for closing. Today Asante was sick so he couldn't come to school. We had to stop taxi to come home.



life at school

I got back home, but few time the I met Vam paradise boss and settled the items I credited. I collected half bag rice, cooking oil, Milo, tin tomatoes, tin fish and Nido. They all amounted to Ghc 275.00. I met him at the Nsutaman main entrance gate, since I was already going to their campus to meet my Newcomers I signed them up here.



settling my debt with Vam paradise credit mall

From here, I went directly toward main campus of Nsutaman Senior high. I had to wait for a while since @delakloe and @nanaqueci haven't closed their lesson for today. That was the main reason why I had come to Nsutaman Senior high school. I spent about 20mins sitting here on their chairs, before they came in. We discussed so many things about how to create good content, how to earn in steem, which part in school should we involve ourselves so that we can get upvote, which tags should we use that would be appropriate for steem and so on. Through this, @delakloe got the concept of how to join #thediarygame or better life with Steem. It was time for us to depart for our homes, relax for a while or find something to eat.


meeting with @delakloe at Nsutaman Cath SHS

At the entrance gate, I had a shot, @delakloe snapped that pic for me, I hope you may like it.


I stood at the road side near their Nsutaman SHS sign board. Very soon one Okada came and I bothered in it. I said bye bye from Nsutaman Cath. SHS


pic of Nsutaman Cath. SHS sign board

I finally found my way home. It was now 4:15pm I was so tired but the happiness grew more. I chatted with few friends I informed when my account was stolen they were so happy for me.

I really missed out a lot of things in steem, and I am back in full force to work again to promote steem than before. Watch out for more.

I am @oppongk, thanks for your visit!


God made you the miracle! Good thing you were able to get your key back at Steemit. I can imagine your joy. Reviewing your diary, the least I can tell you is that I am very surprised with the images you share because from them I can appreciate not only part of your culture, but also the day to day life you live. And I feel something similar to the admiration for your work. I really congratulate you. Your life is worthy of being told and even of being given as an example. Thank you very much. Greetings and hugs, @oppongk

Thank you so much for your kind words here. My pleasure 😀

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

And thank you for setting your post to 100% Powerup.

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The Steemit Team

Thanks so much for your reward.

Qué bueno que pudiste recuperarla, steemit en Venezuela ayuda a muchos, me imagino que en tu país también, pero veo que no hay muchos incorporados, debe ser que no la conocen y no tienen el manejo de computadoras, ni internet. Haces una extraordinaria labor de estudio y orientando a otros a incorporarse. Te felicito. Bendiciones de verdad me alegro muchísimo que estas de vuelta.

Gracias por la visita y el apoyo, nos falta tiempo para visitar a todos. Bendiciones y abrazos, @oppongk

How good that you were able to recover it, steemit in Venezuela helps many, I imagine that in your country too, but I see that there are not many incorporated, it must be that they do not know it and do not have the use of computers or internet. You do an extraordinary job of studying and guiding others to join. I congratulate you. Blessings, I'm really glad you're back.

Thank you for the visit and the support, we lack time to visit everyone. Blessings and hugs, @oppongk


Thank God you recovered it and within a couple of days too. Many were that never Lucky as many never never had theirs recovered!