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It is Friday 13th November 2020. Weekend has approached so quickly. In the morning I felt very strong and energetic due to engagement of great exercise I do every morning; stretching all parts of my body, joined to ensure that a lot of sweat is released. I do more of stomach training since my stomach is protruding. I hate that body structure, and I wouldn't allow that.

So in the morning I continued with my exercise. Went to the bath to shower with the cold fresh water. I then drunk hot water which sounds to be good health therapy. Hunger started to feel in my stomach, but I thought it was too early at that time. I dressed as going to school. I went to town check up my tailor i gave my material to him to sew for me. Oh, dear! He hasn't even finish sewing. He said to have even missed my mobile number last time I came here. He then took his record book to write my number again. I sought permission to leave for school.


at my Tailor's shop

Behind this Tailor's shop is the main street. There is a woman called Sister Akos selling food; yam, plantain, plain rice with stew and fried eggs. I came here to buy plantain ampesi, cabbage stew and boiled eggs. Every thing cost Ghc 10, which would be enough for I and my teachers in School.


buying food

I stood on the opposite side of Sister Ako's fast food and took a taxi to school. I met, Asare, Baudoo and Janet. They were happy to have brought food since they were all hungry and no food for them to buy in Anansu Town. I quickly washed one of the bowls, poured the food and stew into it. We all gathered to eat.


I and my colleague teachers enjoying food

On Fridays I do not have lessons, so the rest activities in school was used for marking homeworks and chatting with my colleague teachers. When we closed from school, I came to "One Luv Barbering shop" to shave my hair. When I arrived here, no customer was here to shave, but later two people came and added up. He shaved my hair very nicely. I now look very nice in the mirror.



my appearance in mirror after shaving my hair

I used the rest of my time to visit my Steem friends at Nsutaman Catholic Senior High. I just took a walk to beat time, since they close at 3:30 pm. By the time I would be there they might closed so that I get ample time to interact with them.

I now have about five(7) registered Steem Users here: @menak, @delakloe, @kubati, @kwamewise, @olivernice , @nanaqueci and @confidencebatv. I want to ensure that they are always engage and active in steem. We shared so many ideas on: posting good content, voting on others post and ensuring active engagement in the community. We then departed since they have now closed and would want to go home and relax.


at Nsutaman Catholic SHS

I took some bush route home. This is my old way I used walking there during afternoon when the sun is very hot and scorching. Its links to River Adosoago. But now, I have been relocated to a different place. The way is just narrow with some bush on side by side. It is better passing here than on the main street for the sun to hit me.



on my way back home - some bush route

I finally arrived home to meet my family. I found some chilled water to drink because of the hot weather. I then relaxed on my bed. I couldn't help my wife in kitchen since I was tired.

That is what I spent my day.


Wow great day well spent

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The Steemit Team

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A busy day, the good thing you found time to do your hair, it's great. @oppongk Blessings

Congratulations on being a winner in Season 2 of The Diary Game...

The Steemit Team

Thanks so much for your support.

Hope you are able to keep all the new people at Nsutaman Catholic Senior High active on Steem.

It might be a good time to start a Steem Ghana Community to bring all Ghanian Steemians together.

That would make it easier for us to find them for curation.

You could also establish a community curation account as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc are doing.

We would be able to support that account.

@njaywan knows about setting up communities from his work with the World of Football Community.

Thank you

That would be great and would improve our organizational capabilities. We would create the community right away and invite our steemians to start posting there. We would also announce it on WhatApp platform as well.

I and @oppongk would then discuss our next steps.

I think it's a great step towards fostering engagement amongst ghanaians here on steem.

Thank you.

That's great.

Steem Ghana would be simplest name for the Community if that works for you.

Sounds great steemit team. That will make it easy to find.

Woow, very detailed story of how you spent your day. Please, @oppongk, I will love to come under your mentorship and support to effectively engage here. You can give me your whatsapp number let me chat you up.