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Hello Steem All Stars 🌟!

Everyone around, greetings from Ghana! It's my pleasure once again to share with lovely and fantastic Steemians in Steem Ecosystem about "What does Seem Mean to Me?" Thanks to @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @stephenkendal, @shortsegment, @cryptokannon, All the Country Reps and the entire curating team for leveraging effort to push steem to the top among the blockchain hub. Yeah, it sounds great deal to get many to join us, at least the well do people and visionaries. Thanks to also @sultan-aceh for launching his new car with the Steemit logo promoting steem in Indonesia land and all the World. Very soon we would like to also share, we the Minnows and Dolphins to the World of Steem what we have achieved through joining Steem with good heart and great effort.

Well, I have a lot to say but let me first address the Admin to @steemafrica doing great job to the entire Steem community, she is no other person than @beautychicks who first empowered African continent of Steem with effective contest when she discovered steem Africa community. I say more grease to her elbow🙏!

Many people enter steem with one vision. The vision of achieving much wealth overnight. So, when the rewards of upvotes aren't consistently dropping on their posts, they begin to withdraw their services. But those that come with the hope of investment purposes having the perception that in every community building it takes a longer period of time to build really survive. I have indeed sought pieces of advices from Steem Investors and Content creators, those who have stayed way back 2016 when, for some enjoyed the bullish market of Steem and some suffered through series of Hardfork. They would tell you that the key success in steem is being "consistent, patient, determined, focused, and sacrificed."

Five (5) points of What Steem Mean to Me!

  • Steemit platform is place where I learn so many skills. There are lots of acquisition of skills I'm learning here. The skills of creating and writing good content that can help me to build my capabilities in all aspects of education. Through steem I have developed typing skills using my mobile phone, increasing my typing speed from slow to fast. I can now sit and creat my own title or topic of any field I want to share, with the title fetching for supportive content to share. As a result, improving upon my knowledge and vocabulary. I read a lot of contents from millions of Authors sharing different field of topics that help me to find solutions to my research work.
  • Steem is my freedom from confinement and adversity in life. Whoever lacks freedom lacks happiness, and I liking being put in a small cage and locked. Definitely, that person would be restricted in life; his movement to mingle with friends, jubilations and making funs would be disappear. There are so many restrictions in life that many people face. Financial restrictions, lack of love and sharing thoughts with others. Lack of motivations and rewards. In steem, I see much rewards for the little effort I push here. I'm able to express my thoughts and feelings with out being supresed by anyone. I'm able to reduce the financial burden on huge payments of fees, bills and house keeping money.
  • Steem mean to me as establishing good relationship with different people all over the World. That's what Steem can do, getting connected with people you've not met or spoken before. The first thing I began to love and up till now I'm still proud of steem is having contact with many different people in the World of Steem; some from Russia, Italy, USA, Indonesia, Nigeria, Uganda, Venezuela and many other Countries that Steem has been connected. As a small country like Ghana having friends in most big countries sharing their love with me because of Steem. My dream is to know many Steemians better in future when we have @steemfest so that I can tell my good success story about Steem.
  • Steem is my Capitol investment I want to build and leave a legacy for my family. I don't expect to enjoy much profit now since I'm building on my steem investment package, maybe 5yrs or 10yrs to come as estimated period for the growth of my steem journey. Yeah, I am saying this because for about 70% who are around 1million Steem Power will disclose to you that they burned Bitcoin to invest in steem to get excess profit, I believe that is the open secrete. But for we who aren't pumping much because of lack of funds and only investing via Roi of our returns from creating content will grow but at a lower pace. That's why I'm making 5yrs and 10yrs estimated growth. I have planned to treat myself good and my family good in steem since I don't have any serious investment package for my family and I now see my steem business on the move, hence I must strive hard to do more.
  • Steem mean to me as occupying higher leadership position. Like any other business, though Steem is community of building each other with much support of members but not really a company that is centralized and governed by strict rules. Through Steem, I have began to take greater leadership role, having more members around sharing with them. I feel proud and happy leading my team and considering every member thought and digesting it to see how helpful it will be. The challenges, discussions and suggestions come together to improve upon one's leadership role.

I have been working tirelessly to get serious people to join Steem. Those that would understand how Steem platform works. So, that they would be consistent, determined and focused to build steem. I therefore invite more Ghanaians, the committed and self devoted to work together. ***"Let me thank these Ghanaians Steemians for doing great job recently, in fact their effort in Steem recently have really impressed me and the @steemghana-team: @nattybongo, @njaywan and @elyon. I'm working on all the Ghanaian Steemians who have relaxed in posting lately. Thanks to all Steem funs!


The future is bright, steem is future, thanks for sharing what steemit means to you with us.

Thanks so much for coming round.

Building the steem legacy from scratch, one day at a time, patience and consistency will see us through, the future is bright thanks for sharing and for been there for us all, your a great leader indeed

Thank you so much @elyon

Thanks for participating in the contest. Look out for the winners in the announcement soon. Great post brother

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