Don't Fake Perfection

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Many people are so afraid of making mistakes that they will live their lives not trying out new things. Just a kind reminder; no one has achieved the state of being totally immune to mistakes or a state of perfection. This is why making mistakes while taking steps is far batter than faking perfection without taking any step. At least, the step you took and made the mistakes will serve as a lesson for other steps to avoid the same mistake.

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Success (or lack of it) is not a function of the mistakes you make or didn't make, but it is a function of how you respond to the mistakes. Mistakes only become your ally if you will leverage on them to become better at your next attempt. There are some lessons that are better learnt by having a first-hand experience of it.

When attempting something, just have in mind that there might be one of two results but you can turn them to your favour: it is either you succeed at that trial or you learn lessons for the next trial. Knowing that you are not immune to errors and still trying anyway, is how successful people are made. Without taking some obvious risks, there are some levels of successes that you cannot attain.

"Life" and "risk" are mutually related. If you want to live life to the fullest and enjoy continuous success, then you should be willing to keep taking risks. The day you quit taking risks is the day you are faced with a bigger risk and that is the risk of stagnancy. Not taking risks carries a bigger risk than taking the actual risk, so you should know the choices you have to make.

Some people's reasons for being scared of mistake is "what will people say?". Well, they have their opinion but it should not affect your actions. If you mind what people will say, you will live your whole life not trying out new things. The same set of people that will talk about your mistakes is the same people that will talk if you do not try in the first place.

Why should you be bothered about something that is given freely to everyone? You do not need to fake being perfect to impress anyone. You have to accept the fact that you have areas of imperfection but just focus on your areas of strength and consolidate on them.

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Working around your imperfections makes you stronger instead of just faking to be who you are not. Imagine when the people you are trying to impress with fake life find out that it is all fake, they will lose credibility in you and will not believe your future trials. So learn to accept what you can't change about your life and build on your strengths.

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