Focusing More On Being Kind Than Being Right

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There is a point you will get to in life, you will understand that it is "humanity first" before even being right. The truth is, we were humans first, then every other thing can follow. When you have a choice of being kind, it may negate being right at the moment, but you should understand that mercy does not seek to be right but falls on even the unqualified.

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Most times, people focus more on saving their friends and friendship but lay little or no emphasis on sparing enemy. Just to let you know; you are also someone else's enemy and if bad things were to befall all people's enemies, you will not be left out. So do not be quick to unleash judgement on actions, you can choose to allow mercy to prevail just to maintain your kindness.

Check out, the people that are quick to fight the monsters in people will almost always become monsters themselves. In the same way, if you fight the cruelty in people with complementary cruelty, then you are not better than them. If you always seek to be right at all times, you may end up being unkind. The idea is not to do things rightly or to be right - you have to grow to the point of doing the right things and that is knowing when to be kind.

When you pause for a while to reason out the intentions behind people's actions, you will realize that you would have misjudged them if you had judged them based on face value or on their actions. Everyone will appreciate mercy to be shown to them at the point of their errors but the question is; what if the error was done against you, will you still show the person the same level of mercy you would have expected others to show to you?

If we try to reverse scenarios and put ourselves in the shoes of others, we will know how to act towards them. Mercy and kindness, just like every other thing, are seeds which have the ability to multiply. You will agree with me that the person that is always quick to show kindness to people will not lack the kindness when he needs it the most. Somehow, help will come through for him.

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In the same way, the person that is known for cruelty and for denying people kindness on the basis of being "right", when he will need privileges from people, he may not get it because it is not his right and no one will go extra mile to give it to him because they know he will not do the same for them. The short of the whole story is; try to be kind at all times because you may not know what tomorrow holds.

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