Following Peace At All Times

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The world is already filled with so much acts of violence and cruelty that the only thing that will make sense is introducing peace. The peace that you want others and the world at large to show to you, you should show it to them. No matter the situation at hand and no matter the persons involved, there is always a way to follow peace with them.

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When peace becomes the only option left, you will realize how peaceable you can be. Just like you cannot use a sledgehammer to kill a fly that perches on your father's head but by using soft touch, in the same way, there are some already rough situations that if you introduce violence into them, you will make them even more complicated and rougher. If you think that paying the price of peace is too high, then consider the price of resolving conflict when it is incited.

You may not agree to someone's methods but you can still peacefully welcome their ideas. Most times, conflicts and violence are products of choices - choices of not to follow the pathway of peace. Of course, for every choice you make, you cannot stop the consequences from following suit. What took someone a long while and many efforts can be annihilated by one act of violence; this is just to let you know that peace should not be among the options, it should be the only option.

No one has the exclusive preserve or absolute prerogative of peace, anyone can, but only if they choose to be peaceful. If you repay violence with more violence, everywhere will be full of violence, but if you show peace instead, you will win the war against violence.

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The full benefits of peace can be appreciated in the midst of violence. If you have ever witnessed conflict or violence, then you will understand that peace is very important. To master the act of making peace, first try to work on yourself. Do not let your actions precede your thoughts.

"Think first, then act next", you will be able to detect the possible outcome of the action. If the potential result of the action is not something you can welcome, then the action is not worth it. It has to be "humanity first". Any action that will turn your heart against humanity will not be worth it, so allow peace to lead your actions and not violence.

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Peace on y'all