Life And Principles

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There are many things in life that do not answer to luck or to wishes but they answer to principles. If wishes were to be part of success strategies, then idle people would have been the most successful people in the world. Success and everything else answer to principles.

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In examination for example, a student who does not study or prepare for the exam has excluded themselves from doing well in the exam. This also applies to a farmer that sleeps throughout the planting season, when the time of harvest comes, he will also harvest sleep. The reward of harvest comes primarily by observing the principle of sowing. The principles that people break is the reason it appears like life is complicated.

For everything you want to achieve, you should first ask yourself what are the principles guiding that particular thing. Successes do not jump randomly on people, there are things to do to trigger success and observing principles is one of them. However, the way, manner and time you observe the principle also help in the delivery of the principle. For example, there is a period a farmer should plant a particular seed and deviating from that period may affect the yield.

A student that focuses on reading an English notebook in preparation for a mathematics examination is already in for a tough time in examination. Of course, he won't use phonetics to solve a quadratic equation. There is a "how to" that is always attached to principles to make them principles. For principles to deliver, they must be followed to the later and not just taking only the aspect that appeals most to you.

More often than not, principles are not easy and they are not palatable (that is actually the reason many people don't follow them) but they hold the keys to the success you require. The more difficult the principles are, the bigger the prize that is at stake. The sign of maturity comes when you begin to take responsibilities to follow principles.

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Whatever happens to you and in your life is a direct function of how your actions have been; the choices you have made, the principles and laws you have followed or broken, and your inactions. It is never late to start working towards observing the required principles of life.

One of the principles to keep in your mind is "whatever you want as a fruit, make it a seed first". This means that your actions should be done with the result in mind and then give it all it takes for it to become a reality. If you want a good tomorrow, you have to sow a good action today. Remember this: harvest only answers to sowing.

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