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Most times, you may not have subsequent opportunities after the initial one to create another first impression, and that is the reason you should always make that particular first impression to count. The first impression usually outlasts other subsequent impressions. When people have formed an impression about you, it may stick around in their mind for long.

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I remember my experience some years ago when I did my internship. The day I resumed work at the organization, the admin staff took me round the facility to get acquainted with the job, when we entered a particular office, a staff made a particular statement that created an impression in my mind about her. It was in the long run that I realized that I had the wrong impression, but it was as a result of how she created the first impression.

A friend of mine once said that "you should live each day as if it was your last opportunity to live" and "you should relate with people as if it would be the last time of seeing them". With this in mind, you will not approach life casually and you will not treat people in an ill manner. When people have a negative impression about you, it will take time for them to correct it and it may affect their relationship with you.

In the bid to be real and to be you, try to also avoid being rude because it is only a thin line that separates the statement of "being real" and "being rude". Your attitude matters a lot when you deal with people. Much more than what you have to say verbally, your body reactions, your tone and your attitude will speak more than the words themselves. So be mindful of the attitude you display per time.

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The words you have to say may be important but more important is the way and the manner you say it. What you have to act does not hide the intentions behind it. These are the things that create impressions in the mind of people. Every opportunity you have to interact or relate with people, always try to make it count because it may be the only opportunity you may have.

The truth is, life is absolutely simple, it is how we act that is complicating it and making it complex. Just have this as yardstick: "How you want others to think about you, try to create that impression in their mind" and "how you want their actions towards you to be, act in the same way towards them".

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