Moving With The Wrong Or Right People?

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A greater percentage of what happens to someone is influenced by the people he has around him. More than you may know, your company and your friends have strong influence on you, not just on your person but on your actions. You will agree with me that you cannot hang around open flames and not pick up the smell of smoke. In the same way, you cannot continue to keep company with the wrong people and hope for your life to be right.

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If your friends cannot change you from good to better, then it is in your best interest to change your friends without sentiments attached. Trust me, your friends, if they are not making you positively, then they are marring you negatively. Friendship is not supposed to be on compulsion but purely on choice and if the choice does not suit you, you can take a walk.

Friends are not static, neither is friendship constant. People do change and so is friendship. That someone was your friend yesterday does not mean he has found a permanent residence in your life. You can still take a walk. The person may not be a bad person but if they are not going to the same destination as you are, it is pointless following them.

Friendship is best when you share the same or similar life's journey with the person. Anyone that is not adding positively to your life or anyone that is constantly bringing negativities to your life is not supposed to be your friend. There should not be sentiments in choosing who to hang out with. Many people have taken life-wrecking steps because of influence of friends, so you should be cautious of who you company with.

If you can't point out to any positive thing that has ever come out of a friend (maybe an advice, etc), then watch it, they may not even be your friend. Any friend that constantly consolidates on your flaws while placing less emphasis on your strong points is not your friend. Anyone that only remembers you when they need your help but disappears immediately after the help is granted is not also your friend.

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Good friends are people that will know about your errors and flaws and will still choose to help you consolidate and build on your good side. To have a good friend, one thing is very needful; you have to make yourself a good friend. The reason for this is embedded in this popular adage:

Birds of similar feathers fly together

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Peace on y'all

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