Success As Planned

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Success neither comes by wishing nor does it accidentally fall on people. There must be something you need to do, principles you need to observe, works you need to engage in and ideas you need to execute for success to be attained. This is why success, basically, is not conferred but earned. If you get to any height by jumping up, there is a propensity that you may fall off that height but if you grow up to meet the height, then you will remain up.

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In the journey to success, there is a time for dreams and a time to pursue after yours dreams. Mistaking both times may lead to confusion of purpose. In farming, for example, there is always a specific season to plant a particular crop and that goes for harvest. Any farmer that mixes up the season may miss the harvest.

If you have a brilliant idea and some mind-blowing dreams, it is the execution that matters - otherwise the dreams will just be a daydream. Right from where you are, you can hit the pathway of success.

For you to have the dreams and the ideas only signifies that you already have what it takes to initiate the first move towards the ideas. The first step (which is actually the most important but the most heavily contended step) must be taken by you before other aids may meet you.

No matter how someone loves you, the person cannot eat food for you, you must eat it yourself to derive the nutrients in it. In the same way, the first step towards your dreams is your absolute prerogative and the earlier you realize this, the early you begin to take steps instead of waiting for people.

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Without planning and preparing for success, you have already opened up your arms to welcome failure. For people that do not see the need to plan, they will understand it when success will be far from them. One of my mentors, during an interview with him, was asked if he was surprised at the level of breakthroughs and success he has seen. His reply showed he was not surprised at all because he had planned and worked tirelessly for it. As a matter of fact, he would have been surprised if the success is not as big as it should be.

If you are hitting a breakthrough point, you will know. In the same way, if you are wasting away time, you will also know. At any point of success you have achieved, do not let it be your final. Try to plan to go higher to prevent the success from becoming stale.

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