The Limitations Of The Mind

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We have unimaginable abilities and an almost infinite creative acumen but the only limitations we have is in our mind. If only your mind can think and conceive an idea, it will be achievable. Your creative ability is as far as your mind can carry. This is why many things that were thought to be impossible many years ago have now become walk-over in this era.

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Impossibilities and possibilities exist only in the mind. Anyone that has concluded something as impossible has only limited their mind from perceiving and creating that thing but it does not mean others cannot. Before you say that something is impossible, just ask your self this question "if you were to live in the 15th century, would you have ever thought that mobile phones would be possible?" Now we do not just have mobile smart phones but handheld PCs.

This is just to let you know that the only thing separating possibilities from impossibilities is the human mind. Story has it that before the first-ever airplane was made by the Wright brothers, there was a statement made that "flying machines that are heavier than air cannot be made". Well, in just few years from the statement, the two Wright brothers enlarge their horizon from their bicycle repair shop to invent an airplane.

The idea that a world renowned scientist of his time couldn't conceive, two brother that were bicycle repairmen made it a reality because they were able to put their mind to work. Your mind will remain in its state of rest (even though it has limitless ability) until you put it to work with your ideas. The world has gotten so complex and advanced that only ideas will distinguish you.

To limit your mind is to limit your ability and that is to limit yourself. Many of the great inventions and brilliant innovations we have now did not spring up by accident but by the careful conception of the mind then nurtured overtime with complementary actions to see it grow. If at a point in your life, your dreams and ideas have not scared you, then you are not thinking big.

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You have the absolute prerogative to put your mind to work. Obviously, it is your mind and the exclusive responsibility rests on your shoulders to engage it in conceiving ideas. Just like the part of your body that you use often tends to be consolidated more on, if you use your mind often, it will become more advanced but if you don't, it may become sedentary.

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The mind has a great impact on our lives so we should mind the way we think.

That's the truth buddy. Thanks a lot @amastella

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