The Little Drops Of Water

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There are many things we often overlook as being so "little" but a cumulative of those things will make a very big difference. Take this instance; when rain is falling, it does not flow down as flood but as drops. However, when the droplets of water drop massively in quick succession, it can create flood. Putting this scenario in life's situation: the efforts you put into the pursuit of your dreams should not be seen as "little" because overtime, the little will become much and make a significant difference.

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The reason houses have staircase with little steeps is; to climb to the next storey of the house, you just need to move step-at-a-time and before you know it, you are already at the top without expending much energy. There are some scenarios that will require more of being steady than being fast. This is why sustainability is very important to success.

If you want to compete in a marathon race, you will need to understand that the pattern of running there is quite different from that of the 100m race. Here, you need consistency, sustainability, stamina et al. Imagine at the start of the race and you dash off with a blazing speed, it won't be long and you get tired. Those that have maintained slow but steady pattern will overtake you.

This is to let you know that you should not overlook the seemingly little efforts you put into life as long as they are consistent. Do not allow anyone or even the situation that you are in to make you to look down on your personal efforts towards success. Always remember that you are enroute in a separate journey from them and you have a different destination.

Hussein Bolt, for example, has mastered the act of 100m race and even holds the "world's fastest man" record. In a marathon race, his skills may not apply and he may not shine well. In the same way, some other athletes have mastered themselves for long distance races. If the person built for long distance race follows Hussein Bolt's pattern and applies it to a marathon race, he will be grounded.

Always try to focus on your own life's journey, discover both your strengths and weaknesses and make a choice of the one to consolidate on. Believe me, you have what you are extremely good at, leaving that to pursue other things may put untold strain on you but focusing on your areas of strength will increase your relevance.

Image from Pixabay

Whenever you feel discouraged that your efforts seem unnoticed, just convince yourself that it takes little drops of water (with consistency) to create a mighty flood - so don't give up on your efforts.

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