The Need For Logical Reasoning And Common Sense

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There are many things that, if we are able to give them deep thoughts, we can come up with the solutions. Any school of thought that negates common sense and logical reasoning is an irresponsible school of thought because it has taken away your responsibility to exercise your free will.

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It is very true that what we call "common sense" may not be as common in the real sense as it sounds but to everyone, there is a measure of common sense deposited in them. At least, there are things that common sense should dictate to you no matter how uneducated you may be. For example, you do not bring food and insert it into your ear because it is also an opening in your face, you put into into the right opening and that is the mouth.

In some cases, if you can appropriate common sense aright, it will shorten your prayer request because it will make you a provider of the things you would have been wishing for. A student that wants to pass exams, common sense should tell him that he needs to bend down and study his books. Common sense and logical reasoning should also tell him that he needs to read the right materials, not using an economics notebook to prepare for a chemistry exams.

Most times, what many people call "wishing and hoping" is just an act of laziness that has made them not to take up the responsibility to act in the moment with the hope that tomorrow will be better. The truth is, it is the result of the action you sow today that will wait for you tomorrow as harvest.

Any farmer that fails to utilize his common sense to know that he should separate and reserve some fruits from the harvest to be sown as seeds in the future will have nothing to sow in the next planting season and of course, there will be nothing for him to harvest.

If you can carry your brain at all times, you will be surprised that some errors you normally fall into will become avoidable. It is not enough to carry your heart (emotions), you should add your brain (common sense) to it. Know when to speak, when to keep quiet, what to speak, what not to speak, how to speak and all.

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You do not need anyone to dictate to you what you should do at all times. The reason you have brain is to give others rest - figure out your own patterns, utilize your common sense and improve on yourself.

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Peace on y'all


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