Things To Be Grateful For

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There are many things that we have now and we do not even recognise that they were once part of our wish list. If only you will be able to give your life a sincere thought, you will discover many things that qualify as blessings, of which you should remain grateful for. Even if every other thing seemed not working, your life is still working and that is the reason you were able to identify the other things you feel are not working.

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At a point in your life, you will come to terms with the fact that there are more things in life than the material things you can see and that forms the major basis of life, and these things should form part of your gratitude: like friends and family that have made you to feel belonged, the hopes of a better tomorrow and the gift of life.

If for any reason you feel that you do not have any reason to be grateful, just look at the things you have now which you did not ask for. Also look at your wish list from last decade and see if some of them have not been met effortlessly. The only reason people do not feel the need to be happy and grateful is not because they have not received any blessing but because the have not counted the blessings as blessings.

You may be a university graduate and you feel that the world is already moving in reverse because you have not gotten a job. May I remind you that there are people that will give an eye just to pass through university and many others do not even have the means to go through any kind of school. This is just to let you know that at any point, you are still better than a whole lot, so be grateful.

You will be surprised to know that the level you are presently (and maybe you do not value) will be welcomed with open arms by someone else if you it is possible to trade it. Now check this; you may not have shoes to wear but for the fact that you have functional legs should make you grateful. What if you were born without legs, how will you be thinking of shoes?

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You are not yet married but for the fact that your are marriage-able is enough reason to be grateful. Tell me if the insane person along the street will be thinking of marriage. You see, even though life may not be too fair to you but it has definitely not been worst for you, so stay grateful.

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