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Sharing your light so that others can see does not affect the intensity of your light negatively, rather it gives more appreciation to your light. In the same way, doing good to others from the good you have does not make your goodness to reduce. Your success does not mean the downfall of someone else, so do not think you need to pull someone down in order for you to rise.

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The sky is so massive that if two birds decide to move even in the same direction, they will not collide. A bird that tries to pull another bird down will also not fly higher. The fastest way to remain on the floor is by holding someone else to the floor. This reminds me of a very popular Igbo proverb in the Southeast part of Nigeria:

Onye ji mmadu na ana ji onwe ya.

This simply translates to: "the person holding someone on the floor is also preventing himself from rising". To rise faster, you need to raise others. It may be the person you shined the light for today that will shine the light for you tomorrow. Whenever you are withholding good from people, you are not doing only them wrong but your very own self. In the same way, when you do good to others, you also remotely gain from it - at least the joy that comes from seeing others happy because of your actions.

In the midst of darkness, your light, no matter how tiny it may be, will make a huge impact. Similarly, the little goodness you do to someone is their desperate times will go a very long way to create a lasting impact in their lives. When your light shines for others on the path, it will automatically shine for you to see too. This goes to validate the fact that you are also a partaker of the goodness you sow into others.

Denying people access to your light is also limiting your own access to the light. Imagine in a dark road and you are the only one with a torch light but because you do not want others to use your light to see, you switched off the torch, what do you think will happen to you? Obviously, you will also not see and might even stumble.

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You do not show goodness to people because they have merited it or because you will expect a favour from them but because it is what humanity demands. Always remember that our first call is to humanity because that is what we were first before every other thing.

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Peace on y'all

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