Contest: Tell us about your favorite hobby? A total of 100steem prizes to be won

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As human beings there are particular things in life that we love doing and we are willing to sacrifice most of our time inorder to enjoy them. These may include singing, dancing, watching movies, playing your favorite sport, reading books, writing, partying..etc.

Tell us about your favorite hobby. Be creative! Find away to boost up our interest in your hobby.


Let me guide you a little bit on what to include in your article. Check out the following guiding questions. However, you can add as much information as possible. Remember the more detailed you are, implies quality and more chances of fetching more rewards.

Why that hobby? Or what is so special about your hobby?

Can you tell us who inspired you to pick up such a hobby?

Have you ever thought of impacting the world through your hobby?

My favorite hobby is playing tennis.

images (1).jpeg

I have played tennis for 18 years. I am now currently 28 years old. This literally implies that i have been occupied by this hobby most of my life. I began playing tennis when I was 8years old.

My Late dad was a professional tennis player. He passed on the tennis sport to me and my sister through an extensive 3 years of training. I have participated in plenty of tennis tournaments held in the various East African countries including Kenya, Tanzania and my country 'Uganda.' I won various medals and trophies.

I got plenty of favours while playing the sport. I got lots sponsors who helped me out in paying my school fees till when I graduated 4years of ago.

Your favorite hobby can fetch you plenty of favors once well mastered. You may decide to teach people about your hobby. For instance I now coach people tennis at a cost and earn a living from it.

I am also volunteering in offering free tennis lessons to young village kids. I came up with a tennis charity project called "Mukono tennis academy" where I am equipping young people with the tennis sport talent in a bid to improve their standard of living. This is one of the ways I am using my hobby to make a difference in the hurting world.

Controlling the tennis ball with my tennis kids.

Here are the rules of the contest

  • Only Ugandan and Ghanaian steemians are eligible to participate in this contest.

  • Resteem this post inorder to have for more visibility and more participants.

  • Your article must have three vital tags 'contest' and 'myhobby'and your country 'uganda or 'Ghana' as the first 3 tags of your blog.

  • Your blog should have atleast 300 words.

Rewards distribution ( 6 lucky people will be rewarded as follows)

  • 1st Place: 50steem
  • 2nd place : 25 steem
  • 3rd place : 10 steem
  • 4th place : 5steem
  • 5th place : 5steem
  • 6th place : 5 steem

Winners will be announced on 27/09/2020

Sponsors for this contest are highly welcome. The more sponsorship, the higher and better rewards will be distributed to the outstanding contestants.

Hello steem team @steemcurator01, kindly check this out.

Best of luck and let's all have fan.


Hello @yohan2on, i really love contest but it seems that this one is limited to some persons but i wish to participate.

Sorry mate. I will soon be organising another contest that will be open to all steemians allover the world.

Its alright. I will b waiting for the contest

Is it still continuing?

Thanks so much @yohan2on it is great contest for every one to share here with lots of prizes, 100 steem is something great. I really love sports and would want to take part in this contest. Thanks once I again and I therefore invite my Ghanaian steemians to join me here, I will even add this link to our WhatsApp group chat for every Ghanaian Steemians to take part. 🙏

Thanks so much for the help and support for the contest through letting other Ghanaians to know about it.

I am looking forward to your entry 😀

This is a great opportunity for us to share our hobbies and our inspiration on the blockchain, thanks for the opportunity will do well to participate

When do we post it or when is the starting date

You can post it any time before 27/09/2020. I recommend that you post it right away.

This is a really great contest.have been seeing other contests from other countries and couldnt wait for the one for my own country mates.
So glad we got this chance. Lets go win some steem fellow ugandans.
Thanks again @yohan2on for this

Hi Mary. I am looking forward to your entry.

is the competition going on?'s going on and the deadline is 27/09/2020

If there was an opportunity for Bangladesh, I would participate in this competition.Very interesting competition

Posting mine tomorrow, hope not too late

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