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Got back home prepared the milk and had my breakfast. I organized myself to go to church. Church begins at 9 am but I was delayed up with the ironing of my clothes and the breakfasting preparation. It rained heavily at 9:40am and by that time I was still at home. I got stranded and stuck at home waiting for the rain to stop so that I walk quickly to church. I waited for 1 and half hours and decided to just go in the rain since it was not stopping to rain. I had to put on my gumboots since the village road to church is so muddy.

It was such a hectic moment walking in that mud, so slippery and very dangerous. You can easily fall if not very cautious. I took some photos of the muddy road that I was walking in. You check it out below;

walking in the muddy road


The muddy road

Arrived at church at 11:15 am; that was way too late. “Better late than never.”
I had to first sanitize my hands before entering the church. I first sat at the back sit and I got off my muddy boots and put on my gentle black shoes that I had carried in my back-bag. I was supposed to be one of the lead dancers today in the worship team but I could not step on the pulpit to participate in the praise dances to the lord because I was too late for church today. Unfortunately, some people did not turn up for church due to the heavy rains.


The pastor preaching


a man being prayed for after giving his life to the lord

Regardless of the unfavorable rainy weather condition, the Sunday service went on well. One soul finally surrendered his life to the lord after attending church 3 times.

All images were taken from kyazanga town located along Mbarara - Masaka road


Hello @yohan2on, do you still have rainfall at your area? The muddy on your path shows that you still have rain falling in your area. Over here in Ghana, we are suffering from total drought. All the maizes have scotch under excessive sunshine.

Thanks for taking part in Church services today. My pleasure and Greetings 😃


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It was such a hectic moment walking in that mud, so slippery and very dangerous.

I love rain😍. But going in a muddy road in rain is not a pleasant feeling.

It is interesting to read your article and I am keen to read about lifestyles of the people all around the world.
Have a nice day!

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