This is how I would use the steemit T-shirts in Uganda – Mini Challenge #3 |1000days of Steem

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I have a group of young children that I am busy volunteering in coaching them tennis. I would use the steemit t-shirts to promote steem by making all my tennis students wear them as our official tennis sports uniform for the tennis academy that I am running. This will raise curiosity amongst people in my local area and in the whole of Uganda about How great it will sound when I will be informing them that steemit is the official sponsor of the tennis academy that I am running in Uganda.


I believe this will attract many to steemit as many parents and youths will try finding out more about steemit through doing some Google searches to find out more about I also normally share my video tennis training sessions on Facebook and Twitter which means that It would attract many other Ugandans all over those social media platforms.

Uniform in doing volunteering and charity activities


I would also use the steemit t-shirts by distributing them to the Uganda steemians. We would then put them on as we participate in various volunteering and charity activities in my country that may include volunteering in cleaning up the environment, visiting and donating to orphanages and schools In Uganda.

Meet-ups and other steemit promotional campaigns

These steemit t-shirts would make a very good presentation during the various future steemit meet-ups that I plan to organize.


As a steemit community in Uganda which is under my leadership, I would make all the members put them on as we go house to house and on streets issuing out fliers about so that people develop a certain curiosity and desire to find out more about

Dear Steemit team, I would like to have some of those steemit-T-shirts. Be rest assured that I will put them to effective use.


Awesome, great job! I am not ready for this challenge 'cause I'm newbie, don't know much) May be later.

Thanks so much for your comment. It's your decision, you can try that out later on when you have gained enough knowledge and experience with steemit.

I would fully 'vote' for your consideration on the Tshirts usage, your vibrant community really need this.

Thanks so much @murathe for seconding this application. Uganda can really market this steemit platform very well with the use of these steemit t-shirts.

Great idea of good usage of Steemit T-shirt.

Thanks so much for expressing your agreement and support to my ideas concerning the proper usage of the steemitT-shirts in my country.

Great job you are doing @yohan2on.i saw this mini challenge but couldn't apply coz i knew i had someone who could make use of the t.shirts more than i me.
Praying that you are among the people who are picked.
But when you get,remember i need one.
All the best!

I love the cool idea. It will serve as a means of creating awareness in your vicinity and beyond.

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