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Dear Stemians,
Before I update you about my contest, I want to wish you a happy new month. I also wish you luck in this contest. This is the new month, the New month of luck, success etc.
My best day contest is all about my ex-students association meeting in which all former presidents including myself based in Bamenda were all present.

The image above is Upon arrival.

The amazing meeting of 28th February 2021 by the Nso Student's Union Association of over 30,000 members Nationally was hosted at Washington VIP snack in Mile 3,Nkwen Bamenda started at 4 PM as scheduled.

Welcoming of members to the red carpet meeting.

The members present were , former president Fidelis Kigha who disvirgined the venue 3 hours before time as a passionate Ancien President . The opening was marked my the presence of Ancien President Losha Lovert, Barrister Erasmus Akeni who was the association's sports coordinator at that time , with the sole lady Madam Edith as social lady and I myself as the 2013 -2014 President .


Barrister Erasmus was so impressed with the turnout no matter the size and expressed his opinion and advised the members to remain united and the spirit of solidarity was a call for concern and supported by the forum over 300 exco-members out of the region were following online.

We had the best fub ever as an association as follows.

See former President Fidelis on the dance floor who is now holding a high level profile and married with two kids . He displayed an amazing dance style of "Kupe Dekale" and ivorian dance pupular in our days in the University. He was known for his love for this dance style.


The joy touched us and everyone stood up to display. See Barrister Derrick, Mr.Losha who is leading one of the Civil society Organizations in Cameroon also stood up.


See how after watching we got up.Everyone was happy.


Because of the joy we all showe our dance talents.




The members stood on some critical issues concerning the up coming meeting that Bamenda considered the fact that Bamenda will be hosting over 300 members from other cities this March.
Barrister Obala also welcomed Mr.Samuel Banla who came later about 31 minutes late and rerun the already discussed items and supported by the former president Losha Lovert who with wisdom reiterated about the need for compassion and solidarity for and building back the new Association we want.
It was all deliberated and adopted that Bamenda based members will contribute at least 5000frs CFA while those out of Bamenda shall contribute 3000frs CFA.
At the same time we had a lot to drink and enjoy after years of separation from school.

In this regard Barrister Obala analysed the situation of the task to host in relation to finances and he proposed that his gesture for the hosting is two fowls to be used for traditional dish called "Kati-Kati" . Ancient President Losha loaded a gesture of 10000FCFA and sealed by Mr.Banla Samuel with a gesture and we all had a lot of drinks on our table.

Former President Kigha Fedelis showed some concerns as he expressed the issue of financial contributions and the burden and said members based in Bamenda need to do an additional task. He encouraged everybody to keep registration in their mind and supported the organization with 1 Million FCFA.

As the host and former president I was given the duty to handle the awards of the members. :
We had fun after programming on the issue of unifying all members of ths Association at all levels and everyone was called to stand up for the organization at individual level to revive the spirit of solidarity and love for an interesting Association. We planned
The hosting event in Bamenda in March 2021 planned over 2 Million FCFA
Building of a solid Bamenda team with well experienced presidents
The amazing contributions were made by members with all sorts or great professions.
The General Elections in Baffoussam was part of the planning and all members of the Association will be there.
The constitutional matters were discussed in Political language as regards to individual aspirations and the revival of the the spirit of the Union will be called soon..
Heavy gestures were made by Former president Losha Lovert and President Fidelis.

The occasion became heavily loaded with entertainment by drinks and roasted meat as these two ex-presidents dropped their heavy gestures , by supporting the pioneer gestures of Barrister Erasmus.

It was 4:48 PM and the meeting was still hot celebrations and close to an hour President Losha encouraged the group to drink but cautioned on the commitment of members to the upcoming events.

At 4:50 PM President Fidelis after some family pictures proposed that commissions should be assigned to handle the special tasks targeting the hosting event in Bamenda.

Former President Losha also mainstream a hosting strategy to meet up with some unforeseen challenges that are eminent, he said our budget will have a speculating adjustments more than the expected number to cope with unforeseen risks to succeed in entertaining those coming from other towns.
The second member joined us a few minutes to 5 PM and the meeting continued with some relaxation and meriment.


NB: Madam Edith supported the gesture package with a surprising logistical assistance and offered that she has a spaced that can comfortably host even 6 persons that are willing to come from other towns and stay. This was history applauded by the assembly meeting.

Additional gestures:
-Barrister Obala offered again two trays of eggs to the Association

  • Losha proposed to add rapen Papers for packaging of corn fufu for Kati Kati.
    That was amazing.
  • Mr.Kifon Derick joined us at 17:47 and the communion continued with extra gestures from our patrons .
    -Barrister Burinyuy Emmanuel then joined the team and team spirit continued as they welcomed him with export drinks greetings as a senior member.
    The booming continued as Barrister Berinyuy Emmanuel flushed the event with 500 thousands FCFA and supported by his colleague Barrister Erasmus Akeni with a support of 300 FCFA.
    Nsalav was surprised at 6:43 by a patron and Ex-President Tobi who sealed a 100 present for all Ex-Presidents in Nsalav based in Bamenda for this meeting

That was my best fay of the week as I meet with old friends from schools and brothers and sisters of a lovely student union. Which I served in person as the Presidnet in 2013-2014.

In this regard, I am dropping this as my best day of the week in the #steemitblog contest for #Cameroon under steem
steem-cameroon. ADMIN who cared so much about us and launched this in Steem Cameroon

Dear Stemians this is my Best Day Of The Week as a Weekly Contest.
Thank you for reading and commenting.

#lifestyle #bestday #steemexclusive #better life

Thanks for reading.
Happy new month March 2021.

This new month marks a fresh start for you all in this amazing community
As Stemians we are Looking back gratefully and focusing on the future with hope as we keep building our steel Cameroon family..
Count your blessings as we keep voting and commenting.
Last two months been tough times but God has been good to us at least,

Let's stay in touch on Twitter for a new engagement by building our external relationships as Stemians.

My Twitter link is :

Just click the link and connect.

I greet you all in the steem Cameroon community .
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Have a blessed day.
Waiting for your posts on this particular contest.

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Judging by the photos, you had a very cool rest!

 2 months ago 

Thank you sir

 2 months ago 

Clearly, you guys had a lot of fun at your get-together!!!
I know how much fun these reunions get... it's such a shame we can't do those reunions more often because of professional engagements.

Good movement. Keep it up.
Let's help each other by upvote here by joining the WhatsApp group

Hello. Happy new month. I live in Venezuela. Best regards.

Woow..definitely you guys have got a real fun.. Glad to see this moment 🤗🤗🤗

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