THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 (2021-05-21)

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Diary Game

Hello my fellow steemians, it another Friday. I jump up from bed, and straight I brush my teeth in the bathroom. After brushing, I took my bath and next prepared my daughter for school. By the time we were done, breakfast was ready for my daughter and me. Immediately after breakfast, my daughter and I left for her school. We took a bike and drop at her school, which I walk her to her class. From my daughter's school, I rush to the office.

I was few minutes late, set up my desk. I severed myself a cup of coffee, and I started working on upgrading one of our old projects. For some time now we took upon us to upgrade our client's sites. This also helps us ease our job in doing content updates for our projects. Then I remember I needed to meet up with my wife in town. So I took permission from my boss that I will be out for a while.


Well, l meet my wife and we didn't succeed with the transaction we had to do in town. So we separated, and it was almost time to pick my daughter from school. So I rush back to the office when electricity had been interrupted, could not do anything. I just left for my daughter's school to pick her up. We left and took a taxi home. I had my lunch. My wife on our way back bought some mango fruits. So I peel some for my daughter and eat some. I left for the office, we on the generator, and I continue working.



I closed late due to trying to cover up for the time lost during the day. I got home at 7:30 pm, had my dinner, and relax while watching the news over the national television. After relaxing for some time, I log onto my steemit account and participate in one of the courses on cryptocurrency and the conventionàl financial system. It was after I posted the homework task that I went to bed.

It has not been a disappointing day at all, not full of fun but much was accomplished.

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Always interesting, I like the fact that you you take charge of dropping off and taking your daughter from school, it only shows how responsible you are, am sorry you were unable to do what took you to town but we thank God the day still ended well too. Thanks for sharing